Pancake picks up the parcel - part 2

Who: Justin, Dean, Rosette, Efof, Rufus
Where: Sorting Office
When: After opening the cargo container
He started to open the clips on the box. Nervously, he wanted to know what was inside. What was it that was so important that Eckerslike wanted him to collect.
<end snip>
"Hello Justin." Said a voice from deeper in the cargo container.
Justin jumped. Then he saw the shadowy figure of Potential. His large eyebrows the only thing distinctive about him in the dark of the container. "Smeg man you scared me!" Justin said.
Potential grinned. "No need to look inside." He said.
"What's in there?"
"Something very important for Eckerslike. It will make him a very powerful man."
"Oh." Said Justin. "And what about me?"
"It won't make you powerful just yet." Potential admitted. "But if you deliver this to the correct person, you will have the potential to be the Captain you wanted to be."
"Awesome!" Justin said. Then he looked down at the box again. "So what do I have to do with it?"
Potential nodded at the box. "There's a label on it."
Justin had a look at the label.
"Justin. Please deliver to Mr Roebuck, on deck 69 of Fourth Base. In the Corridor of- SMEG!" He looked at Potential, and Potential looked back. "...In the corridor of Infinite Perversions!"
Potential nodded.
"The corridor of Infinite Perversions!" Justin said. "That's what you keep writing everywhere. Throughout my entire life for about a year at least!"
Potential nodded.
"What does it mean? Why have you been writing it?"
Potential shrugged, as if he didn't know. But the all-knowing grin on his face meant that he did. "It's the place where your life turns around. It's the place where you start your journey to become the person you want to become." He said.
A grin started on Justin's face. "I get the be a Captain." He said.
"Not so fast." Potential said. "I said it's the start of you journey. You don't become Captain that easily."
Justin's grin turned into a thoughtful look. "So it comes true? Definitely? You're a time traveller, you've seen it happen?"
"I've seen what you have the Potential to be. The thing is about time travel is that things don't always go to plan."
"Oh." Said Justin. "I'd better deliver this parcel then."
Potential nodded. He looked back at the label. "Please deliver to Mr Roebuck." He read out again. "Who's he? How will I recognise him?"
"He's quite porky." Potential said.
"Hey Smeghead!" A voice came from behind him, it was Rosette's. She appeared behind him with Rufus. "We've knocked out that ninja prostitute, no thanks to you!"
Justin looked around, and Potential vanished completely.
"Oh...err.... Sorry." Justin said. "But I thought it would be best if I collected the package."
"It could have waited. She almost killed me!" Rosette said. Rufus distracted her by throwing small polystyrene balls and I threw her head into a franking machine. Rufus nodded proudly like it was the bravest thing he'd ever done.
"This is the package I came to collect." Justin said, and showed the label to Rufus. "It says I have to deliver it to a Porky man called Rosebuck."
As soon as Rufus' eyes looked at the label it disintegrated. "SMEG!"
"Optical based disintegration paper." Rufus explained. "It disintegrates whenever someone looks at who it isn't intended for."
"Oh." Said Justin. "Well I have to take it to the Corridor of Infinite Perversions." He said, saying the words like they were old friends. He had been seeing those words for a long time.
"No way!" Said Rosette. "Captain Chrysler wants that box bringing back to the Blue Dwarf. He thinks Eckerslike is up to something weird and we need to investigate."
"I don't think so." Said Justin. "This is my future! I HAVE to deliver it!"
And with that he ran away from them. Running as fast as he could out of the mail room and following the signs for the "Corridor of Infinite Perversions" - like he had been doing his entire life.
<Tag – Rufus, Rosette, Efof, Dean, do they chase after him and ruin Justin's future? Potential himself implied that it might or might not happen. Email me if you need to know what's in the box. >

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