Micky; Flipping the Pancake

Who: Micky, JustinWhere: Corridors of Fourth baseWhen: after snip...<snipe>"No way!" Said Rosette. "Captain Chrysler wants that box bringing back to the Blue Dwarf. He thinks Eckerslike is up to something weird and we need to investigate. ""I don't think so." Said Justin. "This is my future! I HAVE to deliver it!"And with that he ran away from them. Running as fast as he could out of the mail room and following the signs for the "Corridor of Infinite Perversions" - like he had been doing his entire life.</snipe>Justin rounded a corner almost in a full sprint. He was moving too fast to avoid colliding with Micky, the parcel flying off one way, while Micky and Justin clattered to the floor in a tangled mess. "Get out of my way! I need to deliver this package!" Justin whined while trying to scramble
to his feet again. Micky grabbed his ankle and pulled his leg from under him, making him collapse back to the floor."You're coming back to Blue Dwarf with me." Micky said coldly, as though he was bored of the whole situation. "The Captain wants to see the parcel. He filled me in last time I reported to him.""But I have to deliver it!" Justin turned to Micky, seeing him properly for the first time since they had collided. "Ewww! What happened to you?!" Micky was covered in green blisters oozing puss and erupting every now and then with little spurts of a redish-blue substance with the same scent and texture of garlic puree."Space Herpese.""That's disgusting! Get away from me!" Justin tried to push himself away from Micky, but Micky still had a firm grip on his ankle."No. You're coming back with me to report in to the Captain, just as you were ordered to. We've been told to bring you back by any means neccesary, should you decide to go
all 'Justin' on us.""The smeg I am!" Justin called out and tried to scrable to his feet again. This time Micky stood up, lifting Justins leg from under him and into the air. The last thing Justin heard was a loud thump. White lights flashed in his eyes and his vision filled with sparkling stars. Hitting your head on a solid steel floor seems to have that effect. Everything started to go grey, but not before he saw Micky pick up the parcel, then head back to pick up an unconscious Pancake.Who: Jay, Micky, JustinWhere: Captains officeWhen: Not long after Justin was knocked out coldJustin could hear voices. Fuzzy voices, but he knew who they belonged to."Thanks, Micky." That was Captain Chrysler."No worries." That was Micky. Justin tried to open his eyes, but the light hurt his head and he let out a groan and kept them shut. "I should get him down to the medi-bay.""Yes, please do." Replied Jay. "Oh, and while
you're there, get yourself cleaned up before returning to work, will you? We don't know how contagious this space herpese thing is.""Will do." Justin heard footsteps approaching him, then almost vomited as someone slung him over their shoulder."Oh, and you'd better get the doc to clean him up, too. Those blisters on his face look worryingly similar to yours.""What are you going to do with the parcel?" Micky asked."I'm going to wait until Pancake's back on his feet, then get a real good explanation. Although, looking at the state of you two, I'd say a four week quarantine was in order.""Smeg!" Micky sighed as he turned and carried Justin out of the Captains office.What neither Justin or Micky saw was that the Captain had a green blister appearing on the back of his neck, not dissimilar to their own...<Tag... Everyone! Blue Dwarf just got infected with an airborne disease called space herpese! Enjoy your stay!
Henry/Justin; how will you cope with having to wait 4 weeks in quarantine with Micky till you get to see your parcel again?>

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