Who: Amber, Holly
Where: CNO Office
When: After the incident on 'Forth Base'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amber sighed as she put away her phone. The text had been simple: 'Sis, let loose Hymie-hamster hybrid. Headed for Seymour's quarters. Don't tell Dad or Mini-Dad. Love Rufus.' She signed the last page of the most recent incredibly boring Chief Navigation Officer document, dotted the last t and crossed the last i. Realised she'd done this wrong, gave up and handed it to the Scutter who wheeled off to take it to Captain Chrysler. She got up from her desk, looking at the shockingly clean surface, toastie crumb free and not a paper to be seen. "Why the hell haven't I got any work to do? Where are all my pilots? Holly! page all the pilots, tell them to get down here and do some smegging work of something. I'm off to see a man about a hamster." She said, passing a comm unit on the wall and speaking to the head of the Londoner."Done and done Lieutenant Commander FeBuggure." Holly said. "Oh, by the way. Wear a mask. I've detected a spate of Space Herpes spreading about the crew, nothing too bad. boils and puss. The usual. Keto and... Never-mind." He tailed off sheepishly and turned a pixelated shade of red."You can say it stupid." Amber sighed, "And, Holo-Tara... Are working on a cure now... Gotta go!" He finished, disappearing quickly in-case Amber decided to throw something. The Chief Navigation Officer just shook her head and headed up to the Ambassadors quarters. ---- One Turbolift and a metro train later ----Who: Amber, Seymour
Where: Ambasadorial Quarters.
When: After the above~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She brushed off a few creases in her scruffiest uniform and grinned. Hoping that whilst cleaning up her brothers mess here that she could annoy the ponce a little bit as well. Although she had no real reason to get inside, she hoped that pointing and yelling about a flake of dandruff or a stain on a rug would be enough to distract him whilst she snagged the errant beast. She knocked on the door.No one answered.Using the override code given to all Chief officers on the 'Dwarf she cautiously entered the department fearing the worst for Seymour. Rufus never mentioned how big it was. Suddenly, this seemed like a bag idea. What if it was the size of a full blown Hymie? With the teeth of a hamster! An extremely feminine scream came from the shower. "SEYMOUR?!" Amber yelled, racing into the bathroom to leap to the aid of the Ambassador, who was obviously being eaten alive by the vicious, enormous, savage, monster....<Tag Onion!    :D>OOC - Favourite Blue Dwarf moment over the last 9 ish years?! Man, that's a tough one. I have to say, that anything involving the Big-Pink-Tree I tend to enjoy. He is my favourite character, I'm not sure why, I just love him. The first hallucination plot really made me laugh, it's what made me join after all! Or the sub-plot where the medical staff, Cerebrum and Jay all got marooned on a planet with dinosaurs!So many to choose from!

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