Wolfgang Sweetsly-Obscure Wanderings

Who: Wolfgang Sweetsly
Where: Stepping onto Bridge of the Blue Dwarf
When: Around 10 minutes after Cassandra arrived at Cafe René.
<snip> Wolfgang Sweetsly walked towards the large doors which lead onto the bridge of the blue dwarf which swished open before him.
Upon stepping onto the bridge his ears became attuned to the hubbub and communication of various people moving around the bridge going about their business and chatting to each other when all of a sudden they noticed Wolfgang and stopped.
"Vy is it whenever I enter a room people stop talking"
A young woman turned around to offer an explanation and said "er...it's....it's in case you want to say something".
"I do" replied Wolfgang "you should salute a superior officer when you see one".
At which point in response to young woman returned Wolfgang the customary Jupiter mining Corporation salute but as Wolfgang moved away from the woman she mumbled words "smeg head".
Wolfgang Sweetsly made his way over to the captain's and saw that the captain was not around and so looking around to see if anyone was watching his side himself down in the captain's chair.
He then wriggles around in the chair for a few moments to get himself comfortable but soon comes across something tucked into the inside of the chair that was preventing him from getting comfortable.
Upon pulling free the offending item he found to his horror it was a tabloid newspaper known as The Sun.
Out of the corner of his eye he saw a crewman that happened to be passing close by to the chair and thrusting out his arm he snapped saying "get rid of dis...dis...filth".
The crewmen having gone "oof" as Wolfgang Sweetsly's arm caught him in his midsection when he thrust it out, took the offending newspaper from Wolfgang.
The crewmen having turned out to be Efof looked at The Sun newspaper which he held in one of his four hands looked about wondering what to do with it but not coming up with anything immediately he simply shrugged and began to eat the newspaper.
Wolfgang hearing the crunching noise looked up and recognised the crewman who he had given the newspaper and immediately recognised them with a mix of befuddlement and revulsion.
It was then that something triggered in the back of Wolfgang's mind and so it was then he realised that Efof at some point had been following him.
So as he began to think he cast his mind back to a restaurant he had wandered into and it was upon passing a nearby vacant table in the restaurant to his usual place he found upon a discarded plate some anchovy's to which he decided to help himself to.
It was then from that point his mind and vision he recalled went all hazy and swirly.
Then as things gradually began to clear him called making his way to Fourth Base.
Once there he found himself as some kind of 80s themed disco and dancing to music which was performed by someone named Zlad.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvIq_tUwRxo&feature=related
As he began to dance he soon found himself wearing a silver Lycra jacket and a lime green headband.
Moving to and fro between the people as he danced a familiar shape came into view whose arms moved slowly and rhythmically in time to the music and as he got closer to this person and as they gradually came into focus he recognised them as Efof.
Suddenly everything went hazy again and his end once more had a vague recollection of being carried by Efof and then the two of them hitching a ride back to the Blue Dwarfas they lay upon stacks of beer cans in a cargo freighter bound for Blue Dwarf.
Wolfgang Sweetsly then shook his mind back to the present and looked up at Efof as he recalled a rumour he had heard from a skutter, which was that someone had stolen Fallen Madonna with the big boobies from, Seymour's quarters.
It was then that Wolfgang spoke aloud saying"I must trace ze whereabouts of the stolen painting of the Fallen Madonna, and vat is it that people do with stolen paintings Efof?"
"They hide them"
"Correct and vhere do they hide them"
"In... mattresses?"
"Correct again...unt dat vill be de first mistake that person will make unt that is ven they will try to sell it".
"Nevertheless that won't stop me... I mean us from finding it and keeping it for myself...I mean ourselves ya".
Wolfgang Sweetsly glanced once more at Efof hoping that just having finished eating the Sun newspaper would have distracted him from some of what he had said.
"Vee vill figer out how to find this painting and so ve must look for anything out of the ordinary".

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