Seymour - "Watching his painting burn"

Who: Seymour and Amber, and then Efof and Wolfgang
Where: Level/Nivelo 38
When: As Pancake accidentally destroys Seymour's painting
"Where's the next one?" Seymour asked Amber, peering over to look at the screen of her Psi-scanner. He was disappointed to see that she didn't have the screen up showing the flashing pinpoints of possible locations of his stolen painting.
"You're not even looking for it?!" He accused her.
"No. I'm not." Amber admitted. "We've got a serious security breach on the ship. A Hymenoptera is on the loose. So I'm not bothered about your smegging painting!"
Seymour made a disgusted "harrumph" sound which only posh people can make. "It's an antique painting, very rare and very expensive. This Hymenptera is only a mutated hamster. What damage could it do?"
"What if it got to your painting first, and started to nibble on it?" Amber said.
Seymour quickly changed his mind. "Then we need to find that culture-hating vermin and kill it!"
They walked on a narrow walkway over the plasma river below, Seymour following Amber. They didn't realise that Justin and Rufus were above them.
Justin shuddered and opened up the storage locker. "What's this piece of junk doing in here?" He said, and brought out a framed painting, and threw it behind him where it fell off the ledge and into the fiery hot plasma below. Seymour's extremely valuable portrait of a woman with large bosoms melted and burned away.
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Seymour saw the painting drop, and burn up. "What? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" He cried, and reached his hand out to it, but it was too far. Amber held him back. "Seymour watch it, don't fall, that plasma will burn you up."
"My painting!" He said with tears in his eyes. "Beautiful Madonna with the big boobs. You were so good to me, I'll never find another one like you!"
Amber groaned, and let him finish mourning.
Seymour then looked up at her, "Do you know what this means?" He asked.
"That you're a total nutcase?"
"No. That I need to go shopping for a new painting! Art dealers, here I come!"
Amber ignored him. "There's some movement up ahead."
"Is it the Hymster? Hamsteroptera or whatever the infernal rodent is called?"
Efof and Wolfgang appeared, and flinched when they realised Amber was about to blow their heads off.
"What are you doing here?" Amber asked.
"Ve are looking for derÂ… Hymenoptera." Wolfgang said, he didn't want to let them know that they were looking for the painting, with the intention of selling it to the highest bidder.
"No, silly," Said Efof. "We're looking for the painting, remember? You wanted to sell it." Wolfgang facepalmed.
"You sausage-loving kraut!" Seymour spat.
"Quiet guys!" Amber said, looking at her psi-scanner. "The Hymenoptera is here."
"It's just about to go up Wolfgang's trouser leg."
Wolfgang froze.
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