*Action* - "Mollopod Commonwealth Games"

TV Report
Where: Mollopod
The news broadcaster faced the camera, holding her microphone right up to her mouth. The "H" on her forehead indicated that she was a hologram, as were all TV presenters on "Funky Groovy Channel 27".
"It's a glorious day today on Mollopod today..." She started. Behind the presenter was a large stadium, displaying many flags, all of them from various countries from Earth.
"Last year the Mollopods accepted Queen Brittany of Great Britain as their new Queen." The presenter continued. "Which makes Mollopod the latest member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Making them eligible to host the Commonwealth games!"
The TV changed to show several fat slug-like Mollopods running on a track, their large bloated bodies dripping with gooey sweat as they panted, and eventually feinted.
"The Mollopods are not very good at the games, but they're willing to try! Their opening ceremony last night however was one of the very best ever!"
The presenter was replaced by a clip of a grand opening ceremony, with thousands of Humans and Mollopods waving from the crowd, watching some acrobatic dancers, and a parade of people holding all of the different flags of the countries in the Commonwealth, including lastly a fat Mollopod holding their flag, a symbol of a burger.
"Watching the ceremony was the Queen Brittany herself." It showed Brittany sat on a chair high above the crowd, looking bored. "Rumours said though that Queen Brittany was too drunk for her speech." It showed a clip of Brittany downing a pint with all eyes on her, then slamming it down onto the table in front of her and shouting to the crowd "I love you all!" In a drunken manner, and the crowd erupted into applause as Brittany collapses back against her throne.
Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples
Where: His Ambassadorial Suite, Blue Dwarf
When: Same time
Seymour turned off the TV, and opened a letter that had been delivered to him. He pulled out a scruffy piece of paper with a message made up of letters cut out of magazines and newspapers.
"The Queen is in danger" it said.
Seymour clasped his hand across his mouth. "My Queen!" He said with his usual melodramatics, and tottered off to see the Captain.
Who: Captain Jay Chrysler and Seymour Niples
Where: Captain's Office, Drive Room
When: A few minutes later
"It's probably a joke." Jay said, looking at the letter. "Someone on the ship is probably just winding you up, they know how obsessed you are with royalty."
"But what if it's real?" Seymour said. "The Queen could be assassinated!"
"She's on Mollopod now, they are one of the most technologically advanced aliens we know of. They will look after her."
"You must be joking!" Seymour said. "Those fat slugs couldn't run fast enough to catch an assassin if he was standing still. They only move fast when they want a burger. We MUST go there at once!"
"Seymour, I'm too busy right now. Some gang of thugs is trying to take over the ship, and we don't have any internal communications. Now is not the time to engage the Wormhole-drive and go to Mollopod."
As they talked, Rufus entered the office behind Seymour. He had a big grin on his face.
"Rufus, I'm glad you're here." Jay said. "These thugs have knocked out all internal communications and are dangerously close to taking over the ship. I want you to restore them immediately."
Rufus continued to grin.
"Did you hear that?" Jay asked.
"Yes sir."
"Why are you grinning like an idiot?" Seymour interjected.
"I'm in love." Rufus said, and left Seymour and Jay alone.
Seymour slammed his fist down on the desk. "Jump the ship to Mollopod. Even if you don't want to go down to the planet, I'll go on my own."
"Absolutely not." Jay said. "We're too busy."
Rufus popped his head back into the office. "Actually, if you're going to Mollopod that could help us." Said Rufus. "The Mollopods have a piece of technology I could use, a Digital Inverted Communication Converters. It would help me restore communications in half the time."
Jay rubbed his temples. "A digital what?"
"Digital Inverted Communication Converters. D.I.C.C" Said Rufus. "I really want some."
Jay sighed. "Okay we'll go to Mollopod." He said.
Nearby the shining planet of Mollopod, The Blue Dwarf emerged out of a swirling crimson wormhole. The Mollopods were a race of obese slugs, known for loving all sorts of food, especially Human. Which they had recently given up after they adopted the British Queen Brittany as their Queen, when their king died a year ago.
Almost immediately, a Starbug flew out of a hanger door, towards the planet.
Who: Seymour, Rufus, Wolfgang, Cassandra and others
Where: Starbug, flying towards Mollopod
When: After the BD came out of the Wormhole
"It hurts me to think I'm leaving my darling Justin." Rufus sobbed. "I hope he'll be okay without me."
Seymour breathed deeply and moved seats as far from the love sick puppy as possible.
They landed right in the middle of the stadium where the Commonwealth games were being held, flying over the stalls of hundreds of cheering Mollopods before they touched down.
"Health unt safety rules forbid flying sat close to unt public event you know." Wolfgang piped up, but was ignored.
The door opened and they all got out, finding themselves in the middle of a racetrack, where several slugs were "running" towards them at a slow speed.
"Out of the way!" A steward shouted at them.
"Where is the Queen?" Seymour asked, and the steward pointed to an elaborate stand where they could see a woman getting rat arsed and dancing with a bottle of VK Blue in her hand.
"I'm off to find some D.I.C.C." Rufus said, and Cassandra went with him.
As they walked to the edge of the stadium, an announcer's voice chimed over megaphone. "One hundred Earth years ago, the country Great Britain, birthplace of our illustrious Human Queen, received a new leader. The glorious David Cameron!"
They wheeled out a large mechanical representation of David Cameron, which the Mollopods had created in Papier-mâché based on ancient Earth records. The rickety creation stomped around the stadium, waving at the crowds. Some of them cheered, some of them hurled bottles and shouted insults. The announcer's face dropped as he realised how much this had divided the crowd. "Get him out of there!" He whispered to his aide.
"I can't!" Said the aide. "He's malfunctioning! The Great Macaroni help those who get in it's way!"
The large wobbling statue of David Cameron headed towards the crowd.
<OOC – Tag, I wanted to move things on a bit without forcing anyone to finish their subplots on the BD too quickly. If you want to be on the planet, you can help Rufus by finding some D.I.C.C, or Seymour by saving the Queen, or stop the giant David Cameron from killing everyone. If you're on the ship, La Souteneur's thugs are trying to take over, stop them in any way you can – but remember that internal communications are not working >

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