Rosette - "Curing Love"

<snip>"Love virus?" Rosette thought.  She looked at the two of them, and the way they were standing together.  "do you....?" she started, and began to lose her concentration on the moment, her mind whirring away, trying to make sense of it all.  Before she got to grips with it, they were both gone...</snip>"Goddamn that bug loving hippie." Rosette cussed, and ran the other way, her mind constantly trying to figure out how to stop Rufus from helping Justin.  Being as it was a virus, she thought the best place to start was the medibay.The door slowly edged open, obviously something was caught in the mechanism, as it ground to a halt half way.  Stepping through gingerly, Rosette surveyed the wreckage of the medibay."What the hell happened here?" she asked, as she spyed the medical staff.Holo-Tara spun around, "Your own description is as close as any." She said, dead-pan."Are you saying Hell happened?" she asked, joining them huddled around what looked like a crash-test dummy with holes over it."No, hell did NOT happen you holo-failure.  Most of this damage is your fault anyway!"*rustle rustle*"You tell him!" Wildflower helped, which only served to enrage Keto further."How dare you insinuate such a thing!  Space Herpes isn't even dangerous, it'll go on its own in a matter of days! It was you lot whining that we should do something about it that caused all this damage!" Keto snapped, once again lobbing one of his pistols at the tree."Umm.... should I come back later?" Rosette asked, and began to turn away."No! i'm happy for the distraction from these monkeys." he said, walking into his office - which was still relatively in-tact.  Rosette followed, though she wasn't sure he was in any state to help out."Now. what can I do to... for you?"  He asked.  Rosette's mind was on a single track, although this train had about 50,000 wheels spread over ten tracks, so it was going to take some serious power to derail it."I need an antidote for the love virus." She said, plainly.  Keto blinked, and then smiled."What? didn't it go the way you wanted?  Did you accidentally give it to the wrong person?"  He said, then remembered how her and Seymour had spent a lot of time together when she'd first arrived on the ship.  Keto glanced at his watch."Damn.  WILDFLOWER!" he called out into the medibay proper.  "Wildflower, you win." He said, to which a cheer could be heard outside."Shut up, this has nothing to do with that fraud." Rosette said.  "This is a matter of ship security, that moron justin infected Rufus with the love virus, and now he's being used to get hold of this." she said, holding out the vial."Apparently it's some kind of Hymenoptera-hybrid making drug.  It needs to be destroyed, and I need to cure Rufus."Keto took the vial from her.  "I'll throw it in the incinerator." He said.  "As for Rufus, There is no cure.  People who already think they are in love are immune to its effects." He said, being uncharacteristically helpful."How does that help us now?" she asked."It's retroactive."---------------------------------------"How do I get Rufus to think he's in love?" she asked herself, wandering back to Rufus' lab..."Ahh, there you are!" Jay said, heading to a launch bay that hadn't been locked down yet.  "Come with me, you've been hired for a mission."<snip>They landed right in the middle of the stadium where the Commonwealth games were being held, flying over the stalls of hundreds of cheering Mollopods before they touched down."Health unt safety rules forbid flying sat close to unt public event you know." Wolfgang piped up, but was ignored.The door opened and they all got out, finding themselves in the middle of a racetrack, where several slugs were "running" towards them at a slow speed."Out of the way!" A steward shouted at them."Where is the Queen?" Seymour asked, and the steward pointed to an elaborate stand where they could see a woman getting rat arsed and dancing with a bottle of VK Blue in her hand."I'm off to find some D.I.C.C." Rufus said, and Cassandra went with him.As they walked to the edge of the stadium, an announcer's voice chimed over megaphone. "One hundred Earth years ago, the country Great Britain, birthplace of our illustrious Human Queen, received a new leader. The glorious David Cameron!"</snip>Rosette ignored the giant David Cameron, which was her obvious responsibility as a Security officer, and followed Rufus, all the while trying to think of a way to get him to snap out of it.<tag!>Get a new e-mail account with Hotmail - Free. Sign-up now.

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