"Bromin serves a bit of hard time"

Where: Blue Dwarf prison cell
When: Unknown
Who John Bromin
John sat up. "Where am I?" He looked around, and realized that he was setting in
some sort of cramped prison cell, in the distance he could hear some voices, but
decided it was best not to listen in on other people ~How in blue blazes did I
wind up in this cell, and where are my shoes?~ John sat for a bit trying to
remember how he had gotten there in the first place but kept drawling a blank,
it was like he had ceased to exist, and just reformed in this jail cell. John
decided it best to try and open the cell door, but upon grabbing what looked to
be the door he was launched across the room and into a wall, making a large thud
as he hit, he decided it best to call for a guard instead. "Hello, can I speak
with the prison keep here?"
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