collateral damage

Who: John bromin, and unknown
Where: one of the many cells on the bluedwarf
When: While the others were still exploring the reddwarf
John could hear a sort of crackling, and sizzling, it was getting steadily
louder, and closer. He pressed himself up against the barrier, trying to get a
look at it. There was a bright flash of light, and a defining boom, the barrier
powered down, causing him to loose balance, and fall to the ground. John wiped
his eyes, trying to get up, still not able to hear anything, other than a loud
ringing in his ears.
In front of him he could just barely make out a pare of silhouettes running off.
He stumbled forward, still trying to regain his balance, no idea exactly what
was happening. There was a lot of smoke making it hard for him to see, but he
continued stumbling forward, not wanting to look the gift-horse in the mouth.
"Something tells me they didn't come to rescue me." John thought to himself,
finally managing to stumble through what had been a perfectly good doorway, but
now was replaced by a perfectly good hole in the wall. He finally managed to get
a hold of himself, but there was no sign of whoever had accidentally let him
(ooc) Who were the figures? What was the real reason for the escape? Will john
ever be in the main plot? Tune in next time for more faffing about! (Join in if
you want, I'm pretty much ok on anyone helping out with this, assuming this
isn't voided by my own ignorance.)

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