Seymour - "She can never leave"

"I hope you realise you're going to die choking on one of these things in the
not too distant future." Rosette said, a urinal cake taped over each and every
hole in her suit. The patches of burned skin on her shoulders and back were
agony, but at least they weren't irradiated any more. It looked like she was
wearing a suit made out of small blue circles.
<end snip>
Who: Seymour and Amber
Where: Red Dwarf, Flight deck
When: Before they returned back to the Blue Dwarf
As the first Starbug flew away from the Red Dwarf, Seymour started to board the
second but felt the tug of his daughter on his hand.
"Daddy... I'm not going back." she said in her sweet voice.
Seymour turned and looked down at her through his radiation suit. "There's
nothing to be afraid of darling, we're going home."
"But... scared." She said. "Scared of... dying."
Seymour knelt down and hugged his daughter to him. Visions of her collapsing
played many times through his mind. Keto had told him that she's needed the
Cadmium radiation, and she seemed stronger than he'd ever seen her here on the
irradiated Red Dwarf.
"But I can't stay here sweetie. The radiation kills me."
"But I need it." She said. "I can feel it. I need it."
He hugged her and went to use the communication screen in the Starbug. Dr Keto's
face appeared and told him his worst fears.
"If she comes back to the Blue Dwarf she'll die." He told Seymour outright.
"I've been looking at her medical records and the radiation is essential to her
"Yes but it's just... weird. Isn't it?" Seymour said.
"Seymour she's half Human, half pan-dimensional rabbit alien. She thrives in
deadly amounts of radiation. Yes it's weird. It's your fault for having sex with
an alien in the first place, couldn't you just keep it in your pants?"
"Thank you doctor, that will be all." Said Seymour, and disconnected.
He sat down on the bunk inside the Starbug next to his daughter. He wished he
could take off his suit, but the radiation had permeated the Starbug so badly
that it wasn't safe. She held his hand.
"Captain Jay is sending another team over first thing tomorrow. He says he's
made contact with the Space Corps finally, and they're sending a team of trained
JMC personnel to tow the Red Dwarf back to Mimas." As he said these words, it
felt like the end of an era. The mission they had been part of for slightly over
10 years was almost over. The Red Dwarf had been rescued.
"Maybe I could live here always?" Alota said.
"Maybe!" Said Seymour. "I could come and visit occasionally, we could go on
jolly picnicking holidays around the cargo decks!"
She grinned. "I'd like that!"
Seymour laid down on the bunk and his daughter snuggled up next to him. Seymour
felt her fluffy rabbit's tail brushing up against his radiation suit. He thought
of her mother, and smiled.
<to be continued>

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