Pancake injures a newbie

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: Parrotts bar
When: After the explosion
Justin exited the lift, covered head to toe with dirt, oil, and with singed hair
from the explosion. He flopped down onto a seat in Parrotts bar and watched as
the team of other Engineers came closer.
"Good work, but we need you to do something else." The tallest one said.
"What, I've just got back! You could at least order me a pint!" Justin said,
shaking his head and letting the dust cover the round table.
"There's a problem with the auxillery..."
"No way man!" Said Justin. "I'm taking the rest of the day off. This is madness,
you guys aren't even doing anything!"
He stormed off and walked down the Promenade muttering to himself. He saw the
offlicence ahead and decided to buy himself a 6-pack of beer and take it home to
relax. Still angry, he slammed his fists into the shop door, sending it flying
backwards where it hit a woman in the face sending her flying backwards.
"Oh bollocks." He said, and saw the girl holding her nose, blood streaming from
it. "Oh smeggy bollocks!"
He stepped a bit closer. The woman was 6 foot tall, with long blonde hair. She
was wearing a scientists lab coat. "I'm really sorry, are you okay?"
<OOC – He's bumped into Samantha Karen. Tag Samantha, do you want to introduce
yourself to Justin? Are you angry or will you forgive him?>

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