Efof - "Reminders of the JMC"

Who: Efof
Where: The (non JMC) Blue Dwarf, outside on the hull
When: After Amber's speech
Efof placed down a sign that said "wet paint" and raised the large paintbrush above his specially-made spacesuit with four arms, and pressed it against the hull. Blue paint smeared over the JMC logo, and small splatters dripped down onto him. This was the last in about a hundred JMC logos that he'd painted over today, and he'd probably find some more later. It was amazing what the JMC had their logo on, and when Amber told him to remove all traces of the symbol, it'd been harder than anyone would have thought of.
Painting over the logos on the exterior hull was one thing, but every single starbug had to be spraypainted too. Also every single corridor, staircase and doorway had a logo too. It's almost as if the JMC didn't want any of their ships to be stripped down and sold for spare parts without the new buyer knowing it came from a JMC ship. Efof thought about this and assumed it might be to stop crewmembers selling half of the ship for scrap.
As he daubed blue paint over the largest of the exterior logos, right next to where it said "Blue Dwarf" in large letters, he then picked up the second large brush and now dipped this in white paint, and started painting over where it said "JMC".
Amber was clearly taking this seriously. The Blue Dwarf wasn't part of the JMC any more. It was difficult for Efof to get his head around. He had to keep reminding himself, and was worried Amber would give him a scolding if he said it accidentally. When he ordered something from Amazon this morning, he had to change his delivery address from JMC Blue Dwarf, outer space to just "Blue Dwarf, outer space" in case Amber was checking up on him.
He stood as far back as he could without falling off into outer space, and looked at his handywork. He was hardly a painter and decorator, and it showed. He'd made the most mess possible, and dripped so much paint over himself it looked like his spacesuit had chicken pox.
As he literally watched the paint dry, waiting to give it a second coat. Something flew into where the logo used to be. It was an escape pod.
Annoyed that someone had ruined his handywork, he peered into the escape pod's only window. "Can't you see it says 'wet paint'?" He said.
He watched and tried to figure out what the man was doing inside. It looked like he was jerking on something.
"Eeew!" Said Efof and looked away.
He radioed for a pickup, and a few minutes later a Blue Midget swung by. Efof pulled the small craft's towrope and attached it to the pod. Inside, the pervert was rocked around as he was dragged onto the flight deck.
As the Blue Midget turned, Efof noticed a JMC logo on the underside that he'd not noticed before. "Oh smegging hell!" He said, and grabbed his paintbrush, following the craft to the flight deck.
Who: Efof, Alfredo Gomez
Where: Flightdeck
When: Afterwards
The escape pod's hatch opened and a flustered man fell out, gasping for breath. His trousers were part way down and his hands were sticky. He looked around and did the JMC Nazi salute, which consisted of waving your arms around your forehead and then plunging it forward, like Efof had seen on old WW2 films.
Efof stepped towards him and the man cringed. "Please don't kill me." he said.
"Relax!" Efof said, then snatched the JMC emblem on his jacket. "Don't let Captain Amber see these or you'll be in trouble. We're not part of the JMC anymore."
The man relaxed. "Great!" He said, and explained about his escape from the JMC regime on his last ship.
"I'm Alfredo Gomez by the way" He said, shaking Efof's hand with his sticky palm.
"So the JMC Frank Sidebottom had a Captain Castillo too? I'm sensing a theme." Efof said rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Then his face went blank. "No... sorry, I can't remember what I was saying. You can help me paint over all the JMC logos if you'd like. I've missed some."
"Do you have a new logo instead?" Gomez asked.
"Nope. I suggested just the letters BD and rotating it on its side but Amber said it looked too much like a bum squatting over a bowl."
Alfredo's brow furrowed as he tried to visualise this... I suppose it does..."
Efof handing him the paintbrush and paint. "Thanks!" He said, leaving him too it.
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