Rosette - "Holly Has A Sense of humour"

<snip>"I need anyone who gives a damn, and all department heads in the conference room now. That includes you Pancake."</snip>Rosette stirred as the announcement came over the speakers.  Then Holly's head popped up."You've been called to a meeting." He said.  so Rosette opened her eyes, and sat up.  It felt odd looking around to see Rufus' lab, and it instantly reminded her of the events of the morning.  With Cassandra having Diplomatic immunity, there wasn't much that she could do to stop her.  It was the Queen she needed to talk to, and she probably wouldn't be in the Staff meeting."Holly, play the message for me again." she said, and listened properly this time."Ahh, so she decided to go with it... Pancake as Chief Engineer..." she mused.  "Holly, is he down as Chief Engineer on the system already?""Yep.  Was set about 3 hours ago.  At the end of his last shift."  Holly replied."Great.  Make sure he gets the message about the meeting, wherever he is." She asked, and started on the relatively long trek to the Conference room."Time travel..." she murmered as the lift doors closed.  The images that were on the memory stick Rufus had given her seemed to read a lot like a time machine, and one that looked oddly like a fridge.  "That would explain why he just vanished... if he just went through the fridge..."Coming up to the drive and conference room level of the lift, the doors opened.  Rosette moved to leave, when she looked forward."Ru..." she began, but paused, and just stared at him."but i haven't done anything he said yet..." her mind said quietly."You're..." she said, lost for words."Alive?" Rufus asked back, smiling.  As hard as she try, she couldn't hold back the tears.  She leapt at him, arms wide, only to be stopped short by the lift doors closing automatically."Holly..." she said, sternly.<tag>

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