****ACTION**** - "of Heads and Egos"

Who: Department Heads and Everyone that gives a damn (This includes you, Pancake)
Where: Conference Room
When: Less than 12 hours from the death of "Castillo"
The last few hours had been eventful, several things that were largely beyond her control were happening and it all felt a little bit too much for Amber. She stood at the head of the table and looked at everyone filed in. All of them here at her request, her orders even. Brittany had a smug look on her face a look that said, 'yeah, I rattled you'. He comments a while ago had thrown Amber for the smallest of moments.
She glanced down briefly at a data-pad infront of her to check if Davie was a member of the crew and addressed the Queen.
"As far as I was aware your Magesty." Amber said witha sweet smile and mustering all of her ettiqette "Davie Jones is a mercenary, he isn't a part of our crew and as such disciplinary action is not something I can justify. Of course, I shall have a word with LaChance after our meeting here and discuss the future of such a person in the JM.... Oh, sorry we aren't a part of the JMC, and as far as I was aware a stripper employed on the promenade is not a part of the JMC either, she is a civillian. How they chose to act within the law is not my business, Cassandra has proven herself to be a menace to this crew and Davie nothing but an asset. Provide me with proof that the footage you claim has not been altered as a smear campaign and I will consider action." Amber said, firmly, not quite sure if talking back to the Queen was a good idea, even if the Queen was a spoiled brat. She considered what she said and added a curt "Ma'am..." at the end.
Rosette then cleared her throat to stop them from glaring at each other. The atmosphere was getting to the point that it could be cut with a spoon.
"We are now renegades from the JMC, and they will likely stop at nothing to get to us. They may even try and destroy us before capture." She said, speaking the truth. "I got a lot of good training from them before i was made Chief of Security, but now we're not a part of them, I can change things that they had wrong." Rosette continued, surveying the group.
"While Davey might not be appropriately dressed for a meeting, He definitely has the right idea. I'm calling for a constant Yellow Alert until we've stopped them, and that means all registered crew must be armed at all times. We can't assume the JMC won't employ Mollopod teleport technology, and I want to be ready for it if they do."
"Agreed. We need to be in a state of constant readiness. From both threats without, and within." Amber added, glancing at Brittany once more, implying that her comment was targeted at Cassandra. "Dr Keto and Rufus have made some interesting developments in Castillo's autopsy. Dr?" She said handing over the floor to the miserly medic.
Keto scowled at the audience and began to speak.
"You all have a copy of the report so i'll keep this simple. We don't know what it was. It wasn't human, that much is obvious, it wasn't to be trusted, that much is also clear. We know that it was a clone, given the evidence of the other Castillo's on other JMC ships. We can assume that they are all the same creature as our Castillo was. They, whoever they are are capable of creating genetic material to form any person they want. Anyone could be a clone. Anyone could be working with them. We don't know who or how many of the JMC this effects." He sat down again promptly, leaving the others to read over the report Rufus had put toether.
The room went quiet, they were all looking at her. She swallowed the fear and pretended that Jay was stood next to her, that actually it was him giving the orders and she was just saying them. He might have been falible but the crew looked up to him and thats what Amber wanted too.
"Keto, Rufus, I want you to work together and find out more about these.... Things. How do we detect them? How do we kill them? How do we stop them? What are they? You get the idea."
"Quite Ms. Cleavage. I'm not simple, I know how to do my job." Keto snapped, deliberatly using the wrong name and no rank. Amber let it slide, Keto wasn't worth arguing with, it was too much hassle.
"Justin, I want this ship working. I want it factory fresh. That includes Captain Cannons Memorial toilet. As Chief engineer consider this your first major job and test. If it breaks when it comes to crunch time the people who die will be on your head. It's your responsibility." She frowned at the engineer, not sure if he was able to do it.
"It might not seem like it, but we believe in you. Through all this time, you've followed your orders from the JMC without question, and now we've given you this responsibility, we have every reason to believe you'll do the same here." Rosette added. She even offered him a smile, regardless of everything he'd done. She hoped beyond all reason that his infatuation with the Hymenoptera, and thus, the JMC was gone. Maybe the fact that he lusted after power, power that he now had, would be enough to keep him on side. The JMC had never promoted him after all.
"Your Majesty." Rosette began. "Please give Cassandra my assurance that I won't be trying to shoot her. As you can see, Rufus is fine, and wasn't harmed. She seems to have a lot of experience that could be useful to us in our battle against the JMC, and I want to do everything to help her realise that this is the right way to go." She added. "I'll even go and find her after this, to make sure she knows." She said, shifting her leg so that the barrel of her gun touched her thigh, making her feel much more confident about meeting up with Cassandra. On her other side sat Rufus, who she knew was uncomfortable being with so many people. She could only reach over, and run a finger down his arm to remind him that she was there.
"Davey, it's good that you're here too. I need to speak with you after this meeting." Rosette added, with a glance at the Queen. She had no intention of berating him for leaving a horses head in Cassandra's bed, quite the opposite in fact. But it was obvious that making a show here would help Cassandra join their side.
Amber frowned at the thought of a meeting with Cassandra that wouldn't end with her in a similar state to Castillo, but bottled the thought as best she could. Now that she was Captain she had to get a handle on her anger.
"Commander LaChance." Amber said, pausing for the increase in rank to settle in "You know the weaknesses this ship has. I want them fixed. Don't let me regret promoting you." She said, only recently had the two become closer and Amber was going to keep it formal whilst she was in 'Captain mode'.
"Yes sir." Rosette said with a grin. It wasn't hard to see that the promotion was still in the process of settling, but she was definitely ready to accept the responsibility.
"I'll have the ship battle worthy before you can find a stick to shake at it." she said, and looked around the room. "I have no doubt that we can bring the JMC back to the excellent company that we all signed up with. and for those that haven't, I want to make it a worthy company for you to sign up with when we're done." she added, looking at Davey.
"Dr, I'm sure I don't need to ask you to pass any information you get about the clones to me as well as the Captain? We're going to need all the information we can that might give us an advantage."
"Need i remind you of my lack of incompetency as well?" Keto shot back once more, "And How can I give you information when I'm sat in here like some... squirrel hibernating for the winter?"
"Yes... of course..." Amber said, stopping him from continuing any further. "That's all. Dismissed." She said, then as everyone else had left the room, she slumped back in the chair, and looked up to the side of her, at the vision of Jay she'd created for herself.
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