*Flashback* - The killings begin

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: St Marvins school for little shits, Ganymede
When: 2105, when Justin was only 14
He saw her walking towards him, and as she removed the geeky glasses, let down her hair, and removed her school tie she made the transformation from geeky nerd girl to super hot geeky nerd girl. Or more accurately, HIS geeky nerd girl.
<end snip>
They went back to her house where she showed him her pet spiders.
At first Justin shuddered and stayed away from the nasty arachnids, but as he watched Ariadne place them on her bare shoulders he started to warm to the gross little creatures.
She made him take off his shirt and placed the spider on his chest. "This one's native to Ganymede and is really poisonous. But don't worry, if you treat it right it won't bite."
The next morning he met her at the school gate, and noticed she was carrying one of the tanks complete with spider.
"Why do you have that?" He asked.
"I thought I'd put it in Griff's locker to give him a scare!" She joked.
"Please please don't! He'll probably blame me and punch me again!" Justin said, then lowered his voice as he noticed Griff was approaching.
"Alright dickhead." He said, directly at Justin. "Who's your girlfriend then, she's as ugly as you are."
Justin didn't say anything, and just looked at Ariadne. "Yeah, she's almost as ugly as your mum."
Ariadne scwoled, and walked off turning halfway just to say "Why do you have to be such a jerk Justin and ruin everything? It was going so well."
Griff picked up on this. "Going well eh? Which base did you get to? Third? Fourth? Have you drank from the furry cup yet?"
"No way man, it's infested with spiders." Justin laughed. Ariadne stormed off with the spider cage in her arms.
Later at lunch Ariadne found him sat in the cloak room. "So why were you horrible to me after we had such a lovely night together?"
Justin shrugged. "I told you I'm a dick."
She hugged him. "Stop it! You're just scared of commitment aren't you. You're scared of having a girlfriend." She smiled at him.
"You're m-m-my girlfriend?" He asked, and she smiled back.
"Of course I am. Stop acting like a dick!" She pecked him on the cheek. "I'll see you after school yeah?"
Justin nodded, and then looked down at her empty hands. "Where's your spider?"
"What do you mean?"
"The spider you brought into school this morning."
Their very last lesson was interrupted by a very shocked teacher.
"There's been... an accident." She said, all flustered.
The entire class looked around in confusion. Justin looked at the clock and hoped this wouldn't take long.
"The headmaster has died." She said, and the entire class gasped.
"It was a freak accident, bitten by a Ganymede widow spider at lunchtime. He died just a few hours later."
Justin's mouth went dry. That night he waited for Ariadne but she wasn't at the school gates as usual.
He walked home in the rain, and his mother sat him down for a little talk. "I heard about your Headmaster love." She said, placing a hand on his for comfort.
"I don't care mum. He was a smeghead."
His mum frowned. "That's now what I wanted to talk to you about. We've heard from Griff Douchwhore's parents that you've been hanging around with Ariadne Draycott."
"So?" Justin said with the attitude teenagers often give to their parents.
"She keeps spiders Justin!" Her mother said. "Dangerous ones. I don't want you seeing her again, is that clear?"
"You can't stop me!" Said Justin. "She's the only person who understands me!"
"Justin Pancake!" His mum shouted at him. "I don't want you seeing her. Is that clear?"
He kicked his feet. "Yes mum." He mumbled.
"Promise me!"
"I promise!" He lied.
An hour later she turned up at his door and he followed her out into the rain. "Did you kill the headmaster?" He asked.
She grinned with a twisted evil grin that he'd never noticed before, and thought it was incredibly cute.
"I hate that school Justin." She said. "Everyone of the teachers. Every one of the pupils. Except you."
They kissed for a long time in the rain, and when they stopped, Justin said. I promised my parents I wouldn't see you again. But I want to help you."
"Help me what?"
"Give me another spider." He said.
The next morning his mother made him promise again not to talk to Ariadne, and even the deputy head called him into an office at lunchtime to discuss her.
"Ariadne is a lonely and misguided teenager." The deputy head said. "I don't want her to lead you astray."
"Why would she do that?"
"Because you're a very gullible person Justin. You let people convince you into doing bad things for them, your record says it's been happening since nursery school."
Justin shrugged. "I do what I want." He said.
"No you don't!" Said the teacher. "Other people convince you to do what THEY want! You've had over ten detentions over the last year because other people got you into trouble. Remember when Griff convinced you to set fire to the school kitchen?"
"I wanted to set fire to the kitchen." Said Justin.
"No you didn't! Griff did!"
Again Justin shrugged.
"Justin, you're not the brightest student we have, but you're not stupid. You have to stop people listening to the wrong people or you'll make a really bad decision in your career and it'll be a lot more serious.
"Can I go now?" Justin said, secretly hiding something under a piece of paper on the teacher's desk.
The deputy head nodded and Justin got up to leave.
A few minutes later, a spider crawled out from under the papers on the desk and jumped onto the teacher's face. He screamed, but was soon dead from the tiny arachnid's venom.
<OOC - To be continued! This has been quite fun to write, especially a teacher's assessment of Justin, I think teachers have the amazing ability to see your future selves, but we just didn't listen to them!>

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