*Flashback* - Towing along & lead astray

"Justin, you're not the brightest student we have, but you're not stupid. You have to stop people listening to the wrong people or you'll make a really bad decision in your career and it'll be a lot more serious.
A few minutes later, a spider crawled out from under the papers on the desk and jumped onto the teacher's face. He screamed, but was soon dead from the tiny arachnid's venom.
<end snip>
Who: Justin Pancake and Alfredo Gomez
Where: Flight Deck, Blue Dwarf
When: As the space battle goes on outside
Justin finished the pre-flight checks and looked over at Gomez, who nodded to indicate he was ready to go. They launched and flew down the launch tube into space, where Space Eagles and Blue Midgets were fighting the invisible JMC ships.
Gomez used the radar computer to locate Davie Jones' ship, and pointed. Justin flew over his ship and dropped a grappling claw, gripping the wrecked Space Eagle. They started towing it back to the flight deck when Gomez yelled "Look out!"
Justin swerved to avoid a Mauve Midget decloaking, which was too busy blasting one of their ships to notice their rescue mission. Justin swerved again to avoid an oncoming JMC ship that started to give chase, and boosted their engines to avoid it. Behind them, Davie's towed ship swerved all over the place, swinging wide with every turn Justin made.
Justin looked in the rear view mirror, wondering if they were actually helping Davie or not.
"Look out, ze Starbug!" Gomez shouted, digging his fingernails into his chair.
It was one of the stationary Starbugs that was jamming the Blue Dwarf's wormhole generator. Justin pulled up, avoiding the enemy craft by centimeters. He sighed in relief, not thinking about the towed craft behind which slammed into to the ship.
The rear section of both ships exploded, spinning the enemy craft away from the 'Dwarf where it could do no harm, and Davie's ship minus anything other than the cockpit. Luckily the pilot would be fine, but his ship was unsalvageable.
<OOC – Tag Davie, I know you're ship was wrecked, but you should be ok. Or are you?>
They towed what was left back to the flight deck. As they did, Justin felt awkward leaving their earlier conversation unfinished.
"Look, I know I chose the wrong side. When there's people with separate points of view screaming at you, telling you their way is best, how are you supposed to know what the right thing to do is?"
"Easy amigo!" Said Gomez. "You pick ze one zat is not crazy!"
Justin shrugged. "How did I know Amber wasn't crazy? Girls have lead me astray before... A teacher in school once warned me... but I didn't listen. This time I really wanted to do the right thing... but as it turns out now... it wasn't."
Who: Justin Pancake
Where: St Marvins school for little shits, Ganymede
When: 2105, when Justin was 14
Several days later, Justin and Ariadne snogged in the playground. Only a few weeks ago other kids would have made fun of them, and teased them, or shouted hurtful abuse, but today nobody dared.
Everywhere they went around school, kids were quiet. Conversations stopped when they got close, and people quietly left whenever they entered the commonroom.
People were scared of them. People had been killed, teachers and other students. Everyone suspected it was something to do with them, but nobody could prove anything.
Even teachers were scared of them both. Ariadne and Justin both treated school like a big game, and when they didn't hand their homework in, the teachers never complained for fear of being the next victim of a mysterious spider bite.
"Justin can we have another talk?" His mum asked him later that evening. She asked him about school was going, and for the first time in years Justin was positive about it. "Are those kids still bullying you?" she asked, referring to Griff's gang, who had bullied him for years.
"No mum." Justin said, but didn't mention that three of them had been found dead at home with lethal spider bites.
"Oh that's good." She said, and took a deep breath before the next question. "Have you been leaving Ariadne alone like I asked?"
Justin turned to walk away, but she stopped him. "Justin! I thought I told you..."
"Yes you have!" Justin shouted back. "You told me a hundred times, and so have all the teachers at school! They all warn me that she's dangerous, or that she's a troublemaker. But can't I choose my own friends?"
She shook her head. "If so many people are telling you the same thing, why don't you listen to them?"
"Because I don't want to!" Justin said. "I want to do what I want to do."
As he stomped upstairs, his mum shouted up. "Are you doing what you want to do, or are you doing what she wants to do?"
He didn't reply.
But Justin was doing what she wanted. He was a pawn in her game, but he didn't see it. She was telling him what do to, and he was blindly obeying. A pattern he'd copy many times later in his life.
The next day she lured him to her house with the promise of something dirty and sexual, a teenage boy just couldn't resist. When he got there however, it was to ask him a favour.
"Can I keep the spiders at your house for a while?" She said.
Justin's answer should have been no, but like an idiot he agreed. They carried the glass tanks over to his house on the dark evening, watching as the spiders crawled around their cages, waiting for the next time they could be let loose.
They walked alongside a deep ravine, one of the volcanic cracks that dropped deep into Ganymede's molten core. They couldn't see any magma, but could feel the heat coming from deep underground. The fastest way between their houses was to walk the fenced edges of the crack, something they had been doing many times and was perfectly safe.
"I think we can take this further Justin!" Ariadne explained to him. "Not just the school, but the planet. If we kill the right people we could get some real power. Maybe if you join the police after school you could be Sheriff in a few years, or maybe Major. Or maybe Prime Minister!"
The edges of Justin's mouth tipped upwards. "I could be Prime Minister?"
She nodded. "With my help, yes!"
Justin grinned.
"As long as you do everything I say." She said.
Justin whole heartedly believed every lie she told him.
They felt a rush of air above them, and looked up as a spotlight lit the immediate area around them. A police siren indicated the hovering police car which landed right next to them.
The door to the police vehicle opened and Griff Douchwhore leaned out, pointing at them saying "There! That's her! She's been killing the teachers, and my friends!"
The police officer quickly got out of the car and pointed a laser pistol at them. "We know all about you Miss. Give us the spiders!"
"They're not my spiders." Said Justin's girlfriend. "They're his, look!"
Justin felt like a tit holding the evidence.
"Is this true?" The police officer asked.
"Errr....." Justin said, and looked towards Ariadne for help, but she was already climbing the fence towards the ravine.
"Wait!" Justin shouted, and dropped the spider cages. They smashed on the floor and the spider escaped, running towards the police officer and climbing up his leg. He squealed and fired his gun frantically.
Justin had started to climb the fence when Ariadne had just made it to the top. He wasn't sure where she was going, as the only thing on the other side was a hundred mile drop into the planet's molten core.
"Ariadne, wait!" He said. "Why did you say the spiders were mine? Why did you blame me?"
She looked at him with disdain. "Oh Justin, you are pathetic!" She said.
One of the stray blasts from the police officer's pistol caught Ariadne on her shoulder. It wasn't enough to kill her but it was enough to topple her from the top of the fence, where she fell.
And she kept on falling.
Justin watched as his girlfriend fell to her death. His girlfriend who had betrayed him at the end.
The police blamed Ariadne for all of the St Marvins school killings. Justin escaped a jail sentence, but he never learned his lesson. This wasn't the last time he was convinced to do something stupid with the promise of glory.
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