Brittany: Theoretical necropsy

Who: Brittany
Where: The royal suite
When: Around the time of the battle
Brittany settled back on the sofa and took a sip of her still cooling tea while she stared at the information displayed on the monitor on the table in front of her
She was fascinated
Having spent most of the morning perusing Keto's autopsy notes and trawling the net for arcane gene and nanoengineering research papers, she was beginning to formulate a few theories about Castillo, who, it seemed, had been something between a work of art and a really filthy cut and shut job
Of course, Brittany conceded that she could be wrong, given Castillo's rapidly decomposing state; but it appeared that the technology and processes used in the woman's creation were akin to those she herself had utilised in her rebirth in Brittany's image not so many months ago; only in Castillo's case, the job seemed to have been left half complete - possibly for the range of physiological benefits this would confer, but most likely because of the high risks and failure rates associated with a total conversion, rather than just creating, as appeared to have been the case with Castillo, a mere skin deep physical and neurological facsimile
Unfortunately, this raised more niggling questions than it answered about why Castillo had been repeatedly duplicated when simpler neural sequestration and subversion technologies would have sufficed, and why another human being had been used as a base template when an exact duplicate could have been created in the same way that she had created Cassandra
Finally: As for who was actually behind the mass production of all the Castillo's, it was almost impossible to even guess; the technology was advanced and it would have taken more than your average genius to pull it off, but given that Brittany was living proof such things were possible, she had to concede that others might have been able to duplicate the process ...although, she did wonder if their procedure perhaps wasn't quite so perfect, which was why that other Castillo and her crew had wanted to kidnap her?
She dismissed such ideas though, as paranoid fantasy; she had been scrupulous about the destruction of the equipment and any other evidence that could possibly point towards Brittany being anything other than she appeared, but if she were to be brutally honest with herself, there were a couple of loose ends that she hadn't been able to completely mitigate
Brittany took another sip of her tea and narrowed her eyes in thought
She needed more information before she made any overt moves, and for that she'd need access to a live Castillo sample
Fortunately, there were plenty to choose from

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