A Type of Acid, Pt. 2: Staying Frosty

Pt. 2: Staying Frosty
            Sparks flew wildly as Davie and his men cut through the air lock
doors with a powerful fission laser saw. The door fell from it's frame with a
loud clatter into the dark corridor outside. "Switch to night vision." Davie said in a low voice
as they deployed into the darkness, sweeping their guns back and forth across
their fields of vision. Davie
moved up the corridor with four of the commandos in his group, the other two
staying with the Bug to protect it. With his exoskeleton he figured it best for
himself to take point.
corridor lightened slightly as the Frank Sidebottom's emergency generator
finally kicked in. A soft, red light filled the hall as they continued forward.
Muffled explosions sounded through the confined space from the battle taking
place outside. They reached the elevator to the Drive Room and pried the doors
open. Davie
stepped into the lift swinging his gun quickly towards the corners. He motioned
to one of the men just beside him to step forward so that he could boost him
through the grate in the ceiling of the lift, and one after another, they filed
up into the lift shaft. "Well," one of them said in a low voice, "nowhere to go
but up."
            They filed
up the shaft maintenance ladder up one deck to the drive room and pried the door
open silently. Davie
peered his head up over the edge, only to nearly get it blown off by a
Bazookoid blast. "Damn!" said Davie,
backing down, "So much for quiet!"
            He tossed a
flash grenade up into the corridor, and immediately after the detonation leapt
up, firing at two genetically engineered Space Corp Marines, their green blood
spilling in pools onto the floor. "Move!" shouted Davie as his comrades followed suit and moved
into the corridor, speeding for the Drive Room entrance just ahead. They moved quickly
to the door and Davie
peered round the corner to see Castillo, heading to her office flanked by two
heavily armed Scythers. Two other Scythers, a half squad of Space Corps
Marines, and the entire Drive Room staff opened fire in a devastating barrage
of hot lead and plasma. Davie and his commandos tossed flash and smoke grenades
into the room, and following in the wake of their explosions, moved in quickly,
spreading out and taking cover behind a few of the room's control consoles. As
they hurried through the now smoke filled room, one of the Blue Dwarf commandos
was cut down by a burst from one of the Scyther's monstrous machine guns.
            As Davie crouched down
behind one of the computer terminals, he pulled the pin off of a fragmentation
grenade and hurled it towards the first Scyther. The Scythe caught it in mid
air, and was about to throw it back when it detonated in his hand, removing
half of his arm, shredding one side of his face, and killing a Space Corps
Marine that stood nearby. Davie
leveled his rifle and fired a burst at another two Marines, cutting them to the
floor. Before he could duck back behind cover, and series of massive bullets
from the second Scyther's gun grazed across his right shoulder, leaving a
gaping hole in his armor, showing exposed and sparking wires, and searing the
flesh of his shoulder.  One of the
Checkmate 2 commandos fired his Bazookoid at the Scyther, hitting him in the
left side of the abdomen just below his mechanically enhanced rib cage.
            The Scyther dropped his weapon to the
floor, and dove to avoid being hit by another blast. He landed next to Davie's cover, and reached around grabbing Davie's rifle by the
barrel as he reloaded, tossing across the room. He clambered on top of Davie, punching him
repeatedly in the face. As Davie
tried to wrestle the behemoth of a cybernetics enhanced man off of him, another
of his commandos fell to a barrage of fire from one of the few remaining JMC
crew members in the room. Of the remaining two, one of them threw a grenade at
the thickest part of the enemy crew, killing them almost instantly, whilst the
other tried desperately to clear the breach of his rifle of a jammed shell.
            Davie grabbed hold of the
Scyther, and pounded his own fist into his face, seemingly to having almost no effect.
He moved his hand down to his waist, drawing his pistol. He jammed the gun into
the deep, bloody hole in the Scyther's abdomen where he was hit by a Bazookoid
blast as far as it would go, which was almost up his wrist, and pulled the
trigger hard and fast, shredding any and all internal organs and machinery in
the Scyther's chest cavity. The hulk of man and machine fell limp onto Davie, dead, and he
rolled him off of himself, and replaced the magazine in his pistol, shoving
back into it's holster and drew his shotgun. As his straightened up to fire at
any remaining Marines, he saw the last of them begin to morph quickly into
Hymenoptera-esque form, becoming a sort of human jumping spider.
            Davie took aim and pulled
the trigger as the soldier leapt into the air like a missile, narrowly avoiding
being blasted by a spray of metal pellets. He grabbed hold of Davie
mid flight, and began to drag him to the ground as Davie pumped his shotgun. He spun out of the
way, the Marine losing his grip, sending him sprawling to the floor. He rolled
over to see Davie's
boot come crashing into his chest, pinning him to the floor as the barrel of a gun
leveled with his face. Davie
pulled the trigger, demolishing what served him as a head with a hailstorm of
metal. Davie turned
to the Scyther that had gotten his arm blown off by a grenade shakily aiming a
rifle at him with his remaining arm. Then suddenly his head exploded, and Davie looked over to see
one of the two remaining commandos holding out a Bazookoid, the barrel smoldering.

            Davie picked up one of
the Scyther's massive and mean looking guns, and half jogged towards a vent
grate in the wall next to the thick metal door to Castillo's office.

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