Seymour gets legless

Who: Ambassador Seymour Niples
Where: Blue Dwarf
When: After Justin planted the bomb in Amber's Chair
Seymour banged on Amber's office door before staggering sideways and almost spilling the glass of wine in his hand. The bottle was tucked under his arm, which he gripped tighter as it almost slipped out.
"Captain? Captain!" He called out, his voice squeaky and uneven, revealing to the current inhabitants of the Drive Room behind him that he was steaming drunk. He knocked again on the door then turned around, realising there were many busy people staring at him. He fell backwards against the doorframe before staggering forwards. He walked right up to the navagation officer's desk and placed the glass of wine precariously on the edge.
"I worked my way up you know!" He started telling an officer he'd never spoken to before. "I worked my way right up to Captain!" He looked for a chair, couldn't find one so perched on the desk, remembering at the last moment to move the wine which was nearly spilled over the expensive navigation computer. "I was the highest rank of this ship... so I set my sights elsewhere... and now... now what have I got?"
He took a large gulp from the wine, then held it up to his eye to analyse the contents of the glass. His vision was so blurred he couldn't see anything. Then he looked straight into the young officer's eye. "Nothing!" He shouted. "Nothing!"
A hand wrapped around his arm and pulled him away. "Okay Ambassador, come into my office." Amber said, opening the door and pushing him in. Seymour looked around the room, feeling the walls with his wine-stained fingers. "I remember this office!" He said, then turned to see Amber with her arms crossed, glaring at him.
"Are you angry with me?" He asked.
It was a few seconds before she answered, implying to him that the answer was yes. But the Captain avoided the question. "Seymour why are you here? And why are you drunk in the middle of the day?"
Seymour looked into the glass, which was now almost empty. "Really? I only meant to have a little sip!" He looked at the bottle under his arm. "Gracious! This is my second bottle already!"
Amber still looked pissed off. Being a Captain was a lot of responsibility, and she'd been thrown in at the deep end. But distractions like this weren't helping.
"What do you want Seymour?" Amber asked.
"Ahh!" The Ambassador raised a finger, then frowned as he forgot what he was going to say. "I think I'm having..." He searched for the words. "...A midlife crisis."
Amber rolled her eyes.
He looked around the room again. "You're a good Captain." He said. Then poured himself another full glass of red wine before continuing. "You're a popular Captain. Everyone likes you." Amber remained quiet, waiting for him to get to his point.
"I think people like you more than they liked me when I was Captain." He said and hung his head.
It was true. But what neither Seymour or Amber knew was that not everybody wanted Amber to be Captain. There were still people loyal to the JMC onboard, and one such individual had convinced Justin Pancake to rig Amber's office chair with a deadly explosive.
Seymour walked around the desk, preparing to sit down on the chair. The bomb was set to detonate whenever someone sat down. The target was Amber, but the bomb wasn't discerning who it blew up first.
Just before he reached the explosive chair, Seymour fell against the desk and slid to the floor.
"Why do you care who was a better Captain?" Amber said, helping him up. "You're a Royal Ambassador now, isn't that what you always dreamed of?"
"I always dreamed of being a Captain." Seymour admitted, then looked around. "Just not of this rusty old ship."
Since becoming Captain, Amber has started taking negative comments about her ship as personal insults. She let this one slide however.
"I wanted to be Captain of a glorious battleship, to wear my dress uniform at formal occasions, and to hobnob with the rich and famous!"
"Well I'm sorry this ship wasn't good enough for you-" Amber said but Seymour continued.
"Now I can't even arrange one of my famous dinnerparties. You know, the ones where I serve truffles, viscount biscuits and I pay Efof to go round holding a large mountain of ferrero rochers."
"Why can't you?"
Seymour looked Amber straight in the eyes. "Because we're renegades! We're rebels! We're terrorists!"
"We're none of those things! We're freedom fighters against a corrupt organisation!" Amber shot back.
Seymour sighed and nodded. "I know. I know, I'm sorry. But all the other Ambassadors think we're traitors." He sipped from his glass mornfully. "The JMC have sullied our names. They tell everyone we're the ones who destroyed that planet. They will probably tell everyone we attacked that JMC ship out there for no reason other than to cause wanton destruction."
Seymour walked around to the other side of the desk and started to sit down again on the explosive chair. Underneath the pressure sensor prepared to receive Seymour's weight.
"Get out of my chair!" Amber said, and Seymour stood up again. "And stop feeling sorry for yourself!" she scolded him. "We're doing what needs to be done to take down the JMC, and I need your help." She said. "I need you to get the Queen to speak out on our behalf, people will listen to her."
Seymour hung his head again. "I haven't spoken to her Majesty in weeks. I think... I think she hates me." He paused, and considered sitting on the chair again but realised he'd get another telling off. "She isn't the same person she used to be. Something is different about her that one can't place one's finger on."
Amber walked over to the door to open it. "I've got work to do, and so have you." She said. "Go and speak to Brittany."
Seymour sighed. "I suppose I jolly well should." He placed his empty bottle of wine in the bin, and then looked down at his shoe. "Let me just tie my shoelace..." he sat on the edge of the desk and lifted his feet to put them on the chair.
The pressure sensor activated. The bomb detonated.
It was a relatively small bomb. Relatively compared to for example an atom bomb, or a missile. But it was enough to destroy the chair, the desk, and most of Seymour.
Closer to the door, Amber felt something wet hit the wall on both sides of her. The explosion had shaken her to the floor, and covered her in soot, high speed shrapnel, and parts of Seymour.
The room was a mess. She stood up, coughing from the smoke. She couldn't see more than a few centimetres in front of her face, and couldn't see Seymour.
"Seymour!" She shrieked as she saw a bleeding leg coming out from under an upturned filing cabinet. She tugged on it, and the leg came free. She fell backwards, holding Seymour's leg in her hand. She screamed, and dropped it, noticing the other leg to her right. She realised what the wet things were that had hit her in the explosion.
Crew from the Drive Room stepped into the room and started to drag Amber out. "Wait! Seymour's still in here." She said, pointing to the pile of destroyed wreckage in the centre of the room.
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