OOC - New member "Storm Thrasher"

Hello everyone, I'd like you to give a warm welcome to Storm Thrasher, who is a new Medical Technician and has a phobia of chickens.

Her biography is below or you can see it here.

Full Name: Storm Thrasher

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Medical Department

Species: Human

Job: Technician

Physical Appearance
Tall, slim with black hair. Her eyes are wide, curious, and dark. She has a tattoo of a thunderbolt behind her ear, which is visible seeing as she wears her hair up most of the time. Another tattoo graces her upper arms, of a heart with a knife through the middle.

Personality and Interests
Storm is extremely unassuming and shy, at least at first. It takes some time for her to open up to anyone. Once she does, she is quite goofy. She collects pictures of her favorite actor, Dan McKoy, and thinks no man can measure up to him. More often than not, you can find her, when not working, in her room with her nose in a book. She's very efficient, but sometimes tends to bumble things up. Very uncomfortable and awkward around men she finds attractive. Also, she suffers from a rare phobia, known as Alektorophobia, which is a fear of chickens. She won't even eat them. And if she sees one, she runs in terror. Part of the reason she decided to join the Space Corp.

Storm Thrasher was born on a farm, on a distant moon planet called Dullar. Her father was a drunk, and her mother was simply crazy. It was during her childhood that the fear of chickens developed, when one night, for no particular reason, her mother decided to throw a chicken on top of her, in bed, while she was sleeping. Storm, being only 7 at the time, had no idea where the chicken came from, and could only assume it had decided to attack her in the night for having had a hand in killing her children for all those years.

So Storm avoided chickens like the plague, and went on to college, majoring first in Literature. She figured her fervor for romance novels would contribute to her being a lovely Literature professor. But alas, that did not work out at all. So she decided to become a paramedic, after being home on break when her drunken father sustained injuries while making repairs to the roof of the chicken coop (oh how she loathes those chickens) Storm sprung into action, thanking God the chickens were safely locked in their coop. And for once, her romance novel expertise came in handy, for she had read of so many instances of damsels rescuing their men, she knew exactly what to do. And that inspired her to pursue some sort of career in medicine. She changed her major, and went a little crazy herself during college. She was hurt terribly by a man named Nadum, and swore them off, much like chickens. But she still lives vicariously through romantic movies and books, sure she is destined to be with Dan McKoy.

Favourite Sayings
"Awesome sauce!"
"What the frack?"
"Chickens are the devil,"

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