I am leaving the game. After ten years and ten months I am leaving. I have had fun and made some good friends in the past and hope that all of you stay in touch. I will be leaving my charaters untill the completion of this storyline but after that I respectfully request that they are left alone so that I can return one day if I want.

I am leaving because there are people on this game that I am not getting on with, and it is at the point a game does not become fun that you need to bow out. This is the reason for my decision and I wanted you all to know that.

Onion, no hard feelings between us I hope. You've been a good friend through the years and I hope that we can stay that way? You'll all find me about Ongoing Worlds in other games if you care to stay in touch and if you are a friend then you'll have my e-mail or msn.

Bright blessings to you all. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!

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