Historical Hijinks

High on horseback, the masked rider swung their sword in a wide arc and a soldier, clad in a helmet and white robe bearing a red cross fell, a large gash in his chest. A few more swipes and he was joined by more of his allies.

The rider, flanked by their comrades continued to push through the enemy lines, riding hard and fast on their horses and charging toward the Templar stronghold, slashing and hacking at anyone who opposed them. From nowhere, a single arrow embedded itself in the thigh of the rider, who snarled, their armour stopping the majority of the arrows momentum, but not enough to stop it entirely. The rider yanked it out, blood dripping from the arrowhead, twirled the projectile in their fingers and embedded it in the eye of an enemy soldier who had gotten too close.

Reaching the raised drawbridge of the stronghold, a man looked over from the top of the castles ramparts and shouted down at the five horsemen who had somehow managed to decimate his forces.

“You’ll never get me!” he yelled “History will be re-written in my image, and there is nothing you can do about it!”
The horseman who had been shot in the leg with the arrow glanced across to their comrade, who nodded. The first horseman then reached under their robe, and removed from their belt a weapon that looked very out of place in 12th century Israel.

The horseman raised their neutron pistol, and taking aimed, fired, and took down the madman with one shot. He fell from the ramparts and landed at the feet of the horses.

“Nice work, enforcer” said the lead rider, sniggering slightly as several of the locals and enemy soldiers ran in fear of the ‘witchcraft’ they’d just witnessed. “But why did you hesistate?”
“Thanks…” said the first horseman, who removed their mask, revealing herself to be a woman, who shook out her long, light brown hair. “I hesitated because, well,….shouldn’t we be doing what we can to prevent polluting the time-line, that IS what the STCP were set up for.…..”
“Yes…but sometimes, you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to win,...you’d do well to remember that. Some of our targets will pull every trick in the book to not get caught.”
The woman nodded. “Got it sarge…”
“Keep it up” her comrade replied “You’ll be ready to go solo in no time, come on” he said, turning to the rest of the team “We’ve got a few days r&R before we’re assigned to another mission…I suggest you spend some time with your son, Enforcer…”


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