SOTM - August

Well, August was certainly a quiet month, but then it quite often is, with people enjoying the sun. (this said I've not made it to the beach once yet this year, despite living half a mile from it...) there were few posts to choose from, and several of those that were made we're OOC, making this all the more difficult.

Therefore quantity will not factor in my decision (not that it usually does but sometimes when someone keeps the story moving by posting lots of significant plot points it can help) ill go for the person who I think made the single most significant post in regards to the story and that person is:

Chris Kentlea, aka Phil FeBuggure.

He made just one post in August, but that one post introduced the Doombringer, something that others picked up on and started posting, so nice work Chris!

Well done Chris!

Ps: I will attempt to post shortly, I've been stupidly busy at work of late thanks to legislative changes that mean we have to change our entire pricing structure
across the whole business and I've been working late lots to compensate. Additionally changes have been made that mean I can no longer send posts from my work PC. Though I may start takin my laptop in and write some stuff from the car at lunch as I have little time at home too what with a young daughter, late working wife and demanding cat taking up all my free time! And if you think BD is bad, you should see how long it is since I posted in HMS Sovereign!

Stay frosty - Andy / Jay

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