OOC - Red Dwarf RPG

Hey guys! Sorry for being away for so long. It looks like you're doing EXTREMELY well without me here :-)

I posted this on BD's Facebook page yesterday but I know not everyone sees that so I just wanted to say that there's a special offer to get the Red Dwarf RPG and sourcebook on this website:


I wouldn't normally recommend products but this one is so relevant to us, I thought it'd be great inspiration and give a lot of source material to use in BD. I've read the RPG but never the sourcebook so I'm pretty excited about it, and have ordered it myself.

Becca says it's easy to learn so I guess is familliar. Maybe it's something every BDer needs in their life? (I'll let you know once I've read it I guess!)

Each book is just one dollar (less than £1). With shipping added as it comes from the US it's $22 overall, which is about £13. A pretty good bargain, much better than from Amazon UK right now.

Thanks to Chris Kentlea/Phil who found this deal.

BTW Andy Longman keeps asking me when I'll be back. And I've given it serious thought. I'll start posting again soon because I miss you guys :-)

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