On the Promenade of the Blue Dwarf, things were looking grim. The food was scarce and the grey mice had already been eaten. Now it had come to this. What food was left had been collected and placed in the vault aka the former ice cream parlour, Lickity Splitz.

Chutney the Ferret pointed at the remaining food in front of a crowd over hundreds strong. "This, this is all we have left. One week worth of rations for the lot of us! Then what?" He eyed the assemblage, saw them mumble amongst themselves. “Do we starve to death? Waste away in the hold of this misbegotten hunk of junk?”

“NO!” A few of the rodents called out.

“Do we turn on each other like we did with our poor brother mice?”

“NO! NAY! Uh-uh!” More voices were added this time.

“Or, do we feed what is left to our strongest, mightiest fellows, to strengthen them, nourish them!”

“YAY!” Said the ferrets.

“YARP!” Said the rats.

“SQUEEK!” Said the bats.

“OUI!” Said the voles.

“WHY?” Asked a solitary squirrel.

Chutney grinned, a mad grin that only extreme hunger would give birth to.
“Why? Why, mutiny of course."

End Interlude

<OOC> I don't know how many rodents live on the ship, if it's more then a few hundred (or less) I'll make the change in the post. Just placing this little seed of an idea here, it doesn't need to sprout right away, we can just let it sit in the soil of our minds for a while.

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