Dragged through the desert on a horse with no name...

Jay fumbled with the ropes that bound his hands, gnawing at the knot. The horse ahead galloped on, dragging him behind it by the feet.
They’d taken his six-shooter, but if he could just reach the time drive he could access the Null Space cache and get something a little….sharper…than his teeth.
Whoever thought it’d be funny to dump him among the Carson City Gang, the gang he’d used to raid the freight car of a train, and get access to the Transmed cargo that had somehow wound up here back when he was with the STCP.
He’d promised them gold, they were less than impressed when Jay teleported out with the cargo leaving them with an empty freight car, and the sheriff and his deputies surrounding them.
If he could stay conscious that long, he’d managed to keep his head off the ground so far, but he doubted it’d be long before the horse’s rider left the road and dragged him through the rockier desert plain…
He managed to get a hand free, and reached into his inside pocket, thumbing the controls to the time drive.
A pulse pistol materialised in the air in front of him, but the speed of the horse dragging him and the bumpy road caused him to fail to catch it and it bounced away down the dusty track behind him
“Smeg…” he murmered and hit the controls again.
Another pistol phased in, and this time he caught it, one handed with the finger tips of his unbound right hand.
He flipped it over and aimed at the rope, he missed once, then the second shot hit home, snapping the rope and sending him tumbling uncontrollably along the road.
The rider up ahead failed to notice and disappeared off into the distance, but the few gang members bringing up the rear spotted him and slowed down to catch him. He shot the remaining rope free of his feet and let off a shot at each rider, sending them tumbling from their horses.
He wasted no time in taking their guns clambering up onto the back of the nearest horse and galloping off in the opposite direction.
It took him the better part of a day to reach the nearest town. And he was a little disappointed when he realised the town was Durango, where he’d first met the gang all those years ago.
He spotted an old, dusty wanted poster for several members of the Carson City Gang, and quickly tore down one that resembled him, just to be safe.
He had to find the others. Had to find somewhere were there might be travellers who had spotted some strange looking folk on their travels.
He tied his horse up at a post and walked into the nearby Saloon.
“Okay” Cass held up a hand to count off on her fingers “We need horses, weapons, clothing and any equipment that we can use in siege or guerrilla warfare” she looked between the Dwarfers all sat around the table “South’s fancy credit card isn’t going to work out here, so we’re going to have to get creative
<end snip>
“For what?” Jay asked.
The group turned to see Jay stood there, in a long, light brown duster that reached his ankles and a dust coloured Stetson on his head, twirling a revolver on his finger.
(Incidentally, Jay thinks getting involved in the Alamo is a great idea, we DO need to mess with major events after all…)

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