Commander Niples- Bio

Commander Seymore Nipels
Sex- Male
Age- 29
Position- First officer aboard the JMC Blue Dwarf
Nipels was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire England where he spent much of his life as a child. He has always had a fascination with space and many times as a child he was found gazing up at the stars on a clear night.
Rising through the ranks as a fighter pilot he was finally given the position of first officer aboard the mining ship Blue Dwarf. This is his first posting as commander and he will have to adjust to being the person dishing out orders rather than taking them, as he has been doing so far in his career.
Seymore is sometimes a shy and nervous person, but other times he can easily loose his temper. Especially when people take the piss out of his surname.
Nipels can sometimes seem a bit of a 'stiff', but he tries to be friendly to everyone he knows, this is mainly to make his time with them go by uneventfully.
Niples likes to fly small spacecraft, he also loves reading, watching movies and spending time in the VR machines.
Important events in his career
Once found an abandoned Earth outpost where Furbys had progressed beyond their original programming and started a terrorist movement against the humans. Fortunately, Niples solved the situation by helping the mechanical creatures set up an indipendant state. 
During his time as a fighter pilot, he sucessfully defended Earth from the "Clarkson brethren", who claimed that Earth was theirs for the taking and their Messiah 'The great Jer'e'my' would lead them to the 'Great Ferrari in the stars' The entire earth defence force participated in combatting this evil.
Nipels lived on Mars for a time during the "Genetic revolution" when many eccentric DNA concoctions were being created. Fortunately, after a massive, hundred-legged whaleipede escaped and trampled on a coachful of nuns, a total ban of alcohol was introduced in genetic research laboratories.
Favourite piece of advice
If your driving in LA and the smog gets so bad you can't breath, simply crash the car on purpose and suck on the air bag until help arrives.
==================================LTjg. David "Onion" Ball 
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