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>Blue Dwarf
>Location - ?
>Harris awoke with a groan really regretting having so much to drink.
>Told you so, Harris' mind told him.
>"Ah shut up!" Harris hissed ignoring the dull pain in his head. All
>right, now where the hell was he, oh great, he had slept off the
>effects of a heavy night drinking in the medical bay. Now for
>another question, why was there a bra in his shirt pocket?
>What the hell did he get up to last night?!
Dirk was walking down the Promenade with a big smile on his face. What he found
in Holly's computer banks were like pure gold to him. He was on his way to find
Harris. Dirk had heard that he was in Parrots. That was good enough for him.
He could talk to Harris and have a drink at the same time. Then, a peculiar
sight caught his eye. Harris was coming out of McKenzies's wearing a bra over
his shirt and full makeup and a big blonde wig.
"Now's not a good time to talk to him, I suppose." Dirk walked over to the
McKenzies's employee Zack Richards, who was standing at the door with an amazed
look on his face. "What in the hell is all that about?"
Zack looked at Dirk with a confused expression. "I have no idea. He walked in
here pretty tipsy and started to buy all of those things and put them on."
"And you let him?"
"I'm not about to get on Harris's bad side, sober or drunk."
"He's really gonna freak when he sees all that in the mirror in the morning."
Dirk let out a little chuckle with the thought of a sober Harris in drag.
"Just wait until he finds out what he put on UNDERNEATH his uniform." Dirk
looked at Zack, who shot back a look that let Dirk know that it was none too
"THAT BAD!?" Dirk yelled out as half question, half exclamation.
"What would you call black lace and leather?" Zack went back into the shop.
Dirk went to find Dren. He had to tell him about this, but not about his plan.
That would only work if he himself was the only one privy to it.
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