Let's see what this bucket of bolts can do!

It was black inside the Starbug. Black with swirling colors of red, blue, and
green. Dirk's blood loss had drastically impaired his judgement, and hold on
reality. He stumbled to the cockpit, looked at the controls, and decided that
he could fly this thing. Adjusting the seat and the stereo controls, the
adventurer was ready to fly. Pushing buttons randomly enabled him to find the
ignition switch. In a matter of moments the green ship was airborn.
Now, here's where it goes from bad to worse. Not only is Dirk suffering from
blood loss and heat-stroke, now, since he didn't close the outer door all the
way, there was a lack of air within the cabin. The higher he got, the more
light headed he became.
"Here we are, folks, at the 2095 NASCAR Winston Cup. Newcomer Dirk Bell is the
favorite to take the checkered flag over Jeff Gordon, Jr." Illusions of a
hovercar racetrack pranced in front of his eyes. "AND THERE'S THE GREEN FLAG!"
He pushed the throttle all the way. The Starbug streaked across the sky.
Imaginary cars bumped him into the "wall." Sparks flew from the side of the
Starbug as it ran across the side of a mountain. "DAMN YOU, GORDON! YOU
BUMPING BASTARD!" Dirk seperated the hull from the rock and regained control of
the ship.
On the ground below, the regrouped away team were debriefing. "So, Harris,"
White Wolf said, "now that you've told us what happened to Harbinger and
Belladonna, what about the scientist that came down with you? Where's Dirk
Bell?" Before Harris could speak, the Starbug zipped by overhead, leaving the
ground team with a ringing in their ears from the sonic boom.
NO-DAMN-BODY!" Dirk circled the planet 500 times at supersonic speed. The away
parties in the jungle didn't have time to recover from one sonic boom before the
next one hit them.
After his "final lap," the checkered flag fell with Dirk well in the lead. He
raised his hands in the air yelling about his victory. Without his hands on the
stick, the ship began to sink until the legs were whacking the tops of the
trees. "Must be a flat. I need to pull into the pit." In actuallity, he was
heading straight for the mountains that once seperated the away teams.
At the away teams' camp, everyone was waiting for Dirk's 501st lap. Little did
they know that he was on the other side of the mountain range, heading straight
for disaster.
OOC- don't ya just love cliffhangers?
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