Putting the end to an Arguement...

Where: Inside the tribespeoples temeple.
When: During the arguement of what to do.
Who: The combined away teams.
The huge hamster spoke up to be heard over the raised
voices, "Alright, let's try to keep this friendly. Dj, I take your
point about being cautious, but I have to agree with Dr. keto and Lt
JG Alota, putting up a sign for illiterate people to read is about as
helpful as a grenade in a glass house around here. Now, I think we
all agree that we have to figure out what Chen did that brought the
others here. So let's find out that out, and deal with it as a team
from there, shall we?"
The overgrown hamster turned around and noticed the tribesleader had
left while everyone was discusing a plan of action. The huge hamster
looked over the large ampitheather, and his gaze lingered on the
raised dias and alter with the common jelly jar sitting on it.
Then huge hamster shrugged, and turned back to the away teams and
ordered, "Major Harris, we need to locate this tribesleader and see
if we can question him further, so you check through each of the
doors on the left, while I check each of the doors on the right. As
for the rest of you, I want you to stay here and see if you can
locate this sacred object he spoke of. Maybe you can do something
without us requiring that tribesleader anyway. Call out if there's
any trouble, I'll come back as soon as I hear you. Harris, I'd like
you to do the same."
The tremendous hamster moves over the nearest right hand door, and
then pauses to add, "And I don't want anybody killing any of these
tribespeople unless they prove themselves as dangerous, OK?"
And pointedly looking at Major Harris, who is wearing an evil looking
grin before entering a door On the left, the hamster bellows. "That
applies doubly for you, Mr. Harris!"
Major Harris grunts and grumbles something inaudible, as he
disappears through the doorway.
And the huge hamster shakes his head, and then also exits the
ampitheater, leaving the away team members in a now silent
OOC - Ok, folks, investigate away. This should get interesting, but
try not to kill each other...

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