getting Allie fixed

Time : just after Phil leaves the brig area and repairs Allie
Location : His lab/quarters
Present : Phil, Saddam and Allie(in light bee form)
Phil sat down at his desk, having fixed Allie . Allie , in her light bee form, was sitting on a small podium.
Saddam, who was behaving himself, was running a diagnotisic.
"Beep", said Phil computer.
"I said beep."
"To let you know the diagnostic is finished."
"why not just tell me?"
"Couln't be bothered..."
"You're a computer. You don't say "beep" you just make the noise."
Saddam was quite.
"Look just activate Allie so we can make sure she's allright."
With that, Allie's light bee floated off the desk and she re-activated
<<Allie, your turn>>

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