WANTED..one good title, will pay money.......

Jay was getting bored, White Wolf and Harris had been gone an hour now and
apart from a quick game of football he'ed played with Kayn, Schweeble and
Smegg using an empty ammo clip for a ball noone had even attmepted to do
anything worthwhile, and frankly he was getting sick of the argument between
DJ and Keto. He got up and walked up the steps to the altar.
"what kind of people worship a can of beans anyway" he asked to noone in
particular running his finger aroung the inside of the can he tasted what
was left inside. ..out of the corner of his eye he noticed a light coming
from the back of the staircase it ran down to the floor on both sides of it.
He jumped down to the floor for a closer look. "joe what do you make of
he shouted across the ampitheater. Everyones interest was somewhat peaked
now and came over to see what Jay had found.
"Theres a passageway or something back there," Joe said gazing through ine
eye, "This entire altar is moveable"
with that Jay, Kayn, Schweeble and Shakespeare all pushed the side of the
altar, it moved slightly but not much, Alota and DJ slung their guns over
their shoulders and pushed with them. The altar slid about a metre to the
left revealing a long passageway lit by torches..."Interesting.... " said
Alota, so wadda we do now?"
Jay looked at Commander Smegg "you're the highest ranking person here while
Harris and WW have gone Commander its your call, do we send someone
down...or not"
"Someone needs to go," said Smegg "Who knows what might we might find,
question who will go?"
<over to anyone>

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