***Action Post *** - The 'Others' Come....

Where: Inside the temple of the tribespeople
When: Emm, can't see the sun from here, so it must be night time!
Who: Various members of the away teams
>As the boulder was bearing down on them, a hand came out of the
shadows right in
>front of the rock and stopped it. "Is...is that their god?" Jay
asked. Dirk
>stepped out of the shadows while moving the boulder back a few
feet. "DIRK
>BELL?!! You're their god?!" Jay yelled.
>"Um... no... I don't think so."
>"How did you stop that boulder? It must be several tons," Smegg
>"No, not really." Dirk spun the ball around a bit and showed them
some writing
>"I'm no detective, but that looks suspiciously clue-like."
Jay asked, "Ok then, Now what?"
Smegg replied, "We better head back to the main Ampitheather and let
everyone else know what we found, besides this is a dead end."
Then Jay, Commander Smegg, Dirk Bell and the others started walking
back to the main ampitheather.
The other away team members who didn't follow Jay & Commander Smegg
down the hole behind the altar milled about the the room. And from
one of the side doors, Commander White Wolf returned.
The huge hamster looked at the altar and noticing it was moved, and
more importantly, to the hamsters sudden dismay, he noticed the jar
had already been opened!
The large hamster frantically asked, "Who opened the jar?!?",
pointing at the altar. Everyone looked a little confused, and not
wanting to the ones to be blamed for some unknown screw up that the
Acting Captain was obiviously upset about, kept silent.
The overgrown hamster persisted and asked again, "I need to know,
because I just got done talking with the tribesleader. And from what
I could understand of his explaination, who ever opens thier jar is
supposed to be visited by these 'others'. And apparently when Chen
done so, these 'others' took him away as some sort of punishment
because he wasn't supposed to do that. Now who opened that jar?"
After a few seconds of silence, finally somebody from the back of the
room answered, "I think Jay did it, since he found out the altar."
Looking over the group and not finding him, the hue hamster
asked, "Where is Jay now?"
Again the voice from the back of the room answered, "He went down
that hole with Commander Smegg."
The tremendous hamster immediately ran to the hole, and yelled "Jay!
Are you there?!"
Jay immediately poked his head up through the hole, and covering his
ears while replying, "Ow! You don't need to yell in my ear! Here I
The huge hamster began to speak just as a two figures dressed in
white spandex shimmered into existence next to Jay. <insert fakey
sounding 1950 sci fi teleportion sound effect here>
And one of white spandexed figures said, "You have interfered with
our experiment, you shall be imprisoned as punishment for your
interference.", the other white spandexed figure dropped a hand on
Jay's shoulder and all three turned into a swirl of white light and
quickly ascended upward out of the chamber.
Just then, a rather annoyed looking tribeperson dropped the nearly
inert form of Major Harris, who was sporting a rather pointy pink
mohawk on the floor next to another door, and he began to
jibber, "The kids... they took my gun away... and piled onto me! The
little buggers mugged me!" before falling into a inert catatonic
state again in total disbelief. The away team members were stunned
for a few brief moments as they absorbed that along with Jay's sudden
Meanwhile on the blue dwarf, Stewie and Sirus detected the swirl of
white light, and tracked it's ascent, and movement from the temple
towards a large island off to the east before it stopped and decended
again. (See the new Bitmap upload showing the prisons location at the
letter C on the map.)
<To be continued... Don't you just hate that?!?>

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