I dunno

Alota had fallen down the tunnel and landed directly on her butt causing a bit of a dust storm. She stood up rubbing the dust from her eyes, when she could finally see, she couldn't see pretty much as the room was pitch black,
"Oh smeg!" she shouted then started to think. 'Well I'm stuck in a pitch black place what do I do?'. She started walking forward straight into a wall,
"Who the hell placed that dumb wall in the way" she shreiked before placing her hands out to start feeling her way around the place. She walked along what felt like a corridor but for all she knew she was walking around in circles (or squares if it was a four sided tunnel). A nice squelchy sound echoed through the tunnel as Alota placed a foot down, she shuddered,
"I don't want to know what that is thank you very much". She carried on walking with her hands close to the wall, her hand came into contact with something warm, sticky squishy and still moving. She wiped the warm, sticky, squish and still moving thing off her hand onto the wall.
"Fuck this" she said then started running shouting down the pathway. Her shouting abruptly stopped as she found herself in close contact with another object but this one was moving. It picked her up and started carrying her out of the tunnel into the light dropped her then ran away,
"Now where the smegg am I?" She stood up, "Oh I wish I could just say beam me up Scottie and have it over and done with as soon as I'm back on Blue Dwarf  Hell is going to have to freeze over before I flipping go on another away mission". She started trudging along then promptly fell through another hole screaming,
"Who ever dug these tunnels should be dragged out into the street and shot". Luckily the tunnel she landed in was lit this time and there where a manor of all sorts of gross squelch things clinging to the wall, Alota sighed,
"This is just going to be one of those days where I wished I'd gotten my head blown off by a beastie".

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