Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Harris... read and find out

OOC-Holy crap! Are you serious? Don't die! Everybody
loves Harris. Well, at least I know that I do. Charlie
Dimmock, you bitch!
--- morbid29@... wrote:
> Planet surface - Temple
> Sometime after White Wolf was nabbed
> Harris was anger, more then anger, currectly he was
> insanly angry and out to kill the gits he gave him
> this bloody haircut. With combat knife in one hand
> he stralked through the temple and then out into the
> jungle, leaving everyone else to their own devices.
> At the moment he had no idea that White Wolf was
> missing or Jay had been taken.
> For at least a few hours he continued into the
> jungle, why, why I hear you ask, because he's insane
> that's why!
> Then something snarled behind and a large dark shape
> leapt out at the deranged major.
> Five minutes later
> Harris looked around feeling more like himself but
> with the odd feeling. This was added to by the fact
> he was looking down at his torn and shredded body,
> not that the beast that had done this to him was
> much better.
> "I'm dead." Harris commented.
> "Yep."
> Harris turned to see this black robed figure holding
> a scythe. The figure then lowered the hood of the
> robe.
> "Of bloody hell!" Harris commented.
> It was Charlie Dimmock, Dimmock was Death? Now this
> wasn't making very much sense indeed.
> "Sorry Frank, you're dead." Charlie said.
> "Why aren't I scared stiff." Harris enquired.
> "You're dead so you're missing the things that you
> had while you were alive that made you scared."
> Charlie explained leaning the scythe.
> "Bloody great." Harris hissed. "Why are you
> Death?"
> "Hobbie." Charlie answered.
> "What?" Harris commented not sure what he heard was
> indeed what he heard.
> "Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't
> have a hobbie." Charlie told the Major who was
> growing even more confused. "Let's put it this way,
> the main Death aren't handle every case that happens
> to drop dead so Death choses a few helpers to help
> along the way."
> "I'm going sraight to hell, aren't I?" Harris
> commented.
> "No." Charlie replied. "They don't want you in
> hell nor do they want you in haven either."
> "So now what?!" Harris hissed.
> "Beats me." Charlie commented as she pulled the
> hood back up.
> "Great." Harris snarled.
> (That's it Harris is dead! I'm going to be using
> Donover as my active character now. Guess this
> means Smegg is now in charge of the away mission and
> now first officer.)
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