Shakesy Repays

<<OOC I can't do shakesperian to save my life but I am going to try>>
Who: Alota and Shakespeare
Where: Tunnel with ugly squelchy things
When: A few minutes after lunch.
"Alota, I hath found you," Shakespeare called out, and carefully walked forward, negotiating through the creatures. Alota stopped and turned to face Shakespeare
"How did you find me?"
"Twas simple, turned right at wall, thouest turn left at noisy squelch and bounded down yon bigeth hole"
"Ah, your lucky I ran into several walls quite a few squelchy things and I think somewhere in there there was a partridge in a pear tree" Alota said sarcasticly.
"So now'th we are going through this longeth tunnelest"
"Yes and I don't think I would like to know what these bloody things are, they are repulsive things, lets continue going, once we get to the end of this damn tunnel we will talk". Alota plodded on, Shakespeare behind her, carefully they avoided all the ouzey stuff hanging from the ceiling but Alota had managed to get a sample to get some scientist to analyse later.
They got to the end of the gruesome tunnel and sat down on some rocks to rest.
"When we continue we have to be carefull, fulling down two holes in one days is bad enough, I can't be asked to fall through another few. By the way before you came after me did Harris and White Wolf return?"
<<Over to you Shakesy, I knew skanking that Romeo and Juliet book from school would come in handy hehehe>>

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