Eany Meeny Miny mo

<<Sad title I know>>
They lowered their guns and looked at the three routes in front of them.  "Paths of three, way's unknown, which to choose?" Shakespeare wondered.  "Well doc, I think we should take this route" Alota said pointing to the second route,
"But I think we should also make a trail so we can double back incase it's a dead end or something very nasty"
"Good ideareth", Shakespeare looked in his backpack which he had and pulled out a big ball of yarn, Alota did the same and pulled out her yarn. 
"Will tie it to this tree then go down the middle, and I have extra incase we run out", Shakespeare nodded
"Donteth forget to have'th thy weapons at thou ready" Alota nodded. They tied the string of yarn of at the tree then started down the middle path.
About half an hour later they came to another three paths, Alota sighed and just went
"Eeany Meeny Miny Mo, lets go down the first"
"Pray tell Alota what the smeg was that'th?"
"Sommit I learned in kindergarton, sad I know but if you think of it logicly it was quite a good option". They continued trailing down the path and came up to a worship type campsite place. In the middle was what looked like an execution block in the middle of a sun image painted on the ground. Poles verying in size where scattered around the place set alight with flames. Alota and Shakespeare dived into the nearest bush to camoflage themselves.
"What do we do now doc?"
<<Shakespear care to continue>>

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