Re: Back to her cell

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Allie, still aware of the things going on around her lightbee, was
not too happy.
What the smeg is taking Phil so long? she wondered. I have to get
back to my cell.
Allie didn't like hanging out in his pocket for so long. It creeped
her out. It was too dark and all the lint in his pocket was a
frightening sight.
Ah, what's the rush? she continued her thoughts. How much more
trouble could I get into? White Wolf told Phil to fix me, and he did.
Who cares if I left my cell? Who cares if anyone sees, either?
With that, Allie's lightbee floated indescreetly out of Phil's
Katrina Swete leaned back. She pointed to the bee. "What's that,
"Uh-" he started.
Allie's form reappeared between the two. She smiled, sighed and
stretched again. "Ah, much better."
"Allie, what are you doing?!" Phil demanded. "People can see you."
She shrugged. "So?"
Katrina gave Allie a confused look. "Console Officer, Allie
Fletcher? The hologram that nearly wiped out the crew?"
"Uh, yeah," Phil admitted sheepishly.
Katrina nodded, not looking too pleased. "What the hell was she
doing in your pocket, Phil? Does Tara know about this?"
"Um-" he began.
Allie backed away. "I'll just let you two sort this out. I'm just
gonna pop in Parrott's for a drink."

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