OOC: Smegg

Smeg, Smegg!
(That was kinda fun saying that. Smegg, Smegg, Smegg,
Smegg . . .)
Well, sorry to see you go. I spoke to you the last time you
decided to depart, and what I said to you hasn't changed, so I'll not
trouble you again.
As a couple of the crew know, I came darn close to that myself
just before the POTO plot really got rolling (for lack-of-time
reasons), but for me it was impossible to depart this zany group of
misfits, so I dropped two other RPGs instead and feel that I chose
But BD isn't for everyone, so all I can say is take care of
yourself. If you ever want back in, you know where to find us.
(Zack & Cubie)
PS - Not that Harris is in a position to kill anyone but himself
right now (no offense, Andy), but my advice to you is to post a
departure scene that puts you out of the avenging angel's grasp.
PPS - Of course, a REALLY determined avenging angel would then post
your return, followed immediately by death sufficiently gruesome to
have Katrina filling out an application to a janitor's union . . .

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