Who:- ALota/ Jay
Where:- Alota and Jays quarters
When:- u want numbers??
Jay was settling in to his new home, although Alota liked things tidier than he was used to, and he couldnt get used to actually washing up the dishes instead of just getting new ones.
 Alota came home from her duty shift
"Hiya Jay, settled in then?"
"Yeh everytihngs unpacked, you're late getting back"
"Yeh i went to see Tara, she seemed different, like something was on her mind"
"Nah..shes fine"
"Umm....i said I'm sure shes fine.."
"No you said she IS fine, do you know something I dont?"
"Jay, you're a terrible liar"
"Jay.." Alota said, frustration brewing in her voice, slowly approaching her fiancee.
Jay slowly backed away.
"Alota......theres nothing to tell"
"um you REALLY want to piss me off?"
Jay backed into the wall.....and dived for the bed, Alota dived after him, grabbing his ankles climbing over him she grabbed his little finger and began slowly twisting it backwards...
"What do you know Jay?"
she pulled on his finger harder, Jay trying hard not to break under the pressure
"NO--hu..thing!!!!" he winged
she nearly broke his finger this time.."ALRIGHT! alright.....shes..pregnant...."
Alota let him go...Chrysler fell to the floor and blubbered like a little child.
Alota was stunned silent....

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