[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Frank Green "Assignment"

Times a wasting and I'll wait no longer!
Major Frank Harris
Colonel David Green's office
"Send him in." Colonel David Green ordered over the intercom.
The door slid open and in strolled Major Frank Harris, as otherwise known as 'Nutter', with an armed MP on either side of the Major.
"Major Harris I wanted to speck to becauseĀ…" The Colonel noticed the Major was crewing something. "Spit that out at once, Major!"
The Major spat out some gum onto the Colonel's desk and Green gave the Major a dirty look.
"What the hell do you want?" Harris snapped. "I was having a nice nap in my cell."
The Colonel lifted a fat file from under the desk and dropped it onto the table. He opened it and pulled one sheet. "Commander Frank Harris, demoted to Major and six weeks in the brig as for the assault on one Captain Alan Morris. Included are details of a case of GSH?"
"Grievous Scutterily Harm, Sir." One of the MPs commented.
"With a file with yours I could throw the book at all and have you thrown out the core!" The Colonel snapped.
"But?" Harris asked not really giving a toss.
"You have a choice, Major." The Colonel told the Major. "You can leave the Core or." The Colonel paused for a moment and then continued. "Or you can stay in the Core and become the chief security of the Blue Dwarf."
"Chief security aboard Blue Dwarf." The sides of Harris' mouth turned up in a grin. "Someone has got to be taking the piss!"
"That's what I was thinking, Major." The Colonel told him. "But someone high up believes that you deserve a chance to redeem yourself."
"Or has something against the Captain of the Blue Dwarf and wants to assign a psychotic Chief of Security to get back at him." Major Harris commented, giving the MP to his right a dirty look and making him very nervous.
"That too." Colonel Green commented. "So, Major Harris, you have a choice. Leave the Core and most likely go to jail or join the crew of the Blue Dwarf?"
Major Harris crossed his arms across his chest and asked. "What's the mission?"
"The Red Dwarf has disappeared and the Blue Dwarf is being sent to track it down." The Colonel told him.
"A mining ship is being sent to track down another mining ship." Harris couldn't help but snigger. "Which idiot throught of that?"

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