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--- In JMC_Blue_Dwarf@y..., "Ben Nettleship" <benn@a...> wrote:
> Tim, what was in your last post? You see, I don't read messages with
> attachments, I delete them. I've gotten a virus before, it's not
> going to happen again.
Um, isn't that what virus scanners are for Ben? (You do have an
update to date one, don't you? If not, may I recommend a reasonably
cheap one at (you can get it with or
without a desktop firewall & email handler), plus a freeware text
only email previewer and spam blocker at Which
certainly works a lot better for me than indiscriminately deleting
emails, But that might be just me.)
Anyways, my message had nothing nasty in it - just two maps & My game
post text... (which you can safely view them both from the yahoo
groups website interface, if your still really paranoid about them.).
- White Wolf

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