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OOC - okay, I'm back! (Suddenly notices a tumble weed blow by...) Um, right, sorry about my disappearance, as I mention earlier, my real life got really terribly busy and I simply had no free time to make gameposts in any of my games, so yes, the news of my death is greatly... (Suddenly feels someone poke him in the ribs) oh, um, yeah - nevermind! Hopefully, I won't have any further intrusions of a bevy of CEO's, co-workers & consultants monopolizing my 'free' time (don't get me started) in the near future, so let's get on with the game!
 - White Wolf 
RPG -===Who: White Wolf, Eve, Jasmine, Keto, Dlagor, Alisha, Mirko, Nightwing, Sargon and any other people I forgot to list.When: Well... the suns shining, so that means it's daytime, right?Where: Outside Gomja's cave, on Citadellia.
"Okay, that's not what I expected..." Comments the gigantean hamster, watching Phil and some of the others leaving. Then glancing at taller form of Gomja, he asks, "Say, Gomja, You spoke of my 'brother', some orcs, and a metal citadel not being to far away earlier. Could you fill me in a little more about that?"
"Why certainly, all of them are just on the other side of this mountain, all you need to do is follow this trail for a half day, and you should be able to see the metal citadel from there.", replies Gomja pointing out an animal trail, "But I think you should go warn your friends who just left before you go that way."
"um, Why?" Asked the huge hamster looking puzzled.
"Because that path they are taking leads to a mercenary keep that is meant to mislead them as well as goes through a mountain pass which is infested with a particularly nasty patch of Am bushes." replies Gomja leaning on his axe causally.
"You mean their heading into an ambush of some of those big bugs we're looking for?" Asks Eve.
Gomja cocks his head quizzically at Dean, and then shakes it, replying "No, Am bushes are not bugs, their plants that flip pod like seeds that spew a sleeping gas. Which,  I believe, the orcs have cultivated as a defense for that pass." "Do you mean something like that?" remarked Keto pointing a small green pod which was on the ground, while several more suddenly came flying through the air to bounce to a landing in the midst of people who were standing about.
Gomja eyes widened in surprise, and he & others spun around to see the source of the flying pods up above as several of the pods broke open dispersing gas, to see a six foot, one inch hamster with dark fur and one milky white eye sitting with a pawful of pods on a rock amongst seven orcs training crossbows & bows upon everyone below. The dark hamster momentarily waved a 'naughty, naughty.' claw gesture at them, causing several people to freeze in place aborting their charge towards him as they realized their danger.
"Nightie, Night, Dwarfers!" yells the Dark furred hamster waving laconically, tossing the last of the pods amongst the group, and watched while nearly everyone became overcome by the pods gas and slumped into unconsciousness.
Darken (the dark furred hamster) waited, watching the group before him a few seconds more, before ordering the orcs, "You two, go bind up the other demon, we're bringing him back with us. The rest of you stay here & put the rest of the lot inside this cave here, and make sure they don't follow us. Not that I think their that capable of it..."   
<Several hours later, in the evening...>
Everyone is quietly woken up one by one, by Gomja in the darkness of his cave, who quickly informs them in hushed tones, that Captain White Wolf has been captured. He also points to the five orcs standing guard by the campfire near the caves entrance, and motions for everyone to follow him, whispering "The orcs don't know about my back door..."
Once everyone is outside, Gomja whispers, "I think they've taken the one you call 'White Wolf' back to the metal citadel. Since they've got only got a short lead on us, I think we can catch up to your other friends at the keep, and take a short cut which I know through the woods from there to the metal citadel and rescue your leader from his dark furred brother."
Without waiting for an answer, Gomja sets off.
----------------OOC - Okay, I think this is how we can bring the two separate groups back together, and have everyone make their way to the Citadel. 
Please note: Don't rescue White Wolf until after I've posted his arrival at the orc encampment. (We gotta have that mandatory big evil guy gloat scene still...)

2nd note: What follows should be two graphic attachments detailing the area near the Citadel & Orc encampment for post planning & orientation purposes. I hope everyone finds it useful!
WoC players - I leave it up to each of you to decide whether to continue playing, as I'm starting the campaign back up today, so there's no obligation for you to continue to play, unless you want to!  
BD  Players - I formally take responsibility for the earlier fiasco that was created, (even though I got the Council's ok to do this whole thing), and therefore profusely apologize for any inconvenience, frustration, confusion, or general ruckus that was created by my attempt at this 'crossover' between the two games, (World of Cendri and the Blue Dwarf).  I had originally thought (and was assured by some Blue Dwarf council members) that there wouldn't be a problem with doing this crossover, and  hoped it would create an enjoyable experience for all involved. (While possibly gaining a few more converts for both games.)  Again, Sorry for my mistake. (I will consider this a lesson learned and will not repeat it in the future. Plus if necessary, to address some of the complaints I've heard other BD members say in the various BD groups, I will also offer to step down from being a Co-GM of the Blue Dwarf, if the council wishes me to do so...)
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