A bit of advice

> "PHIL!" Tara said "Just cos you're not getting any doenst mean you can
stop Jay from doing it!"
> "Im..fine....really.." Jay struggled to say, slumping into a heap on the
> "Look" said Dean/ Amber "Just give us the midget and we'll get outta here,
we gotta find the others!"
At this point, Cerebrum showed up. He'd been lurking behind the others after
leaving the other group behind at the clearing. He'd ran into a fellow
called the Blue Knight on his way, who tried to challenge him, but quickly
learnt the sad story about the man who brought a sword to a gunfight.
"Psst," he whispered. "It just so happens that I'm a registered priest in
every religion that's ever existed, so I can provide assistance with the
terminology. For catholicism, just remember the following three statements
and say them whenever possible. Drink, feck arse and girls. If anybody who
looks like a priest asks you a question, either say yes or 'that would be an
ecclestial matter'. Never fails."

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