Caged hamster - part one...

OOC - Well, originally I had planned to make this into one huge single post.
But, in an effort to make it a little more easily digestible for those of
you who've been commenting in parrots that you're having trouble figuring
out what's going on, I've decided to break it up into multiple parts. (I
hope no one minds... Besides it gives me a chance to work in a few more tid
- White Wolf
Who: White Wolf, Darken & his many accompliances (orcs, and a few dozen
moronic thugs for good measure).
When: Knight time.. Er, night time.
Where: Near the orc encampment, on Citadellia.
"Well, look who's finally joining us..." remarked Darken loudly while riding
behind on a horse and noticing that White Wolf was stirring from his resting
place chained inside a ox drawn cart.
White Wolf looked around gloomily and muttered to himself, "Oh, bloody hell,
I guess, I'm up to the point where, either he's going to torture me, or kill
me in some hideous fashion..."
"I was hoping you wouldn't miss seeing where we are!" Said the Dark furred
rodent while coaxing his horse to come up along side the cart so he could
talk in a more normal voice, even though it was still way too loud.
"Torture..." muttered the huge lighter furred hamster before guessing out
loud, "Uh, the dead forest?" while glancing at the rows of dead trees lining
the road in which they were traveling.
"Heh! A fair guess, but an incorrect one. These trees are just the remains
of some of my earlier potion experiments. No, they are not what I was
referring to, but that... " replied the Dark furred enigmatically nodding
his head right towards a massively tall metal spire perched upon what looked
like a tremendous stonework fortification, "That was once my prison, Until
an idiot of a man named 'Rimmer' broke in thinking that it must house some
sort of treasure trove in which he could pilfer and pay off his credit card
"You must have been grateful to him..." Remarked White Wolf.
"I was about to strangle the life out of the incessantly complaining idiot,
when I was interrupted by his creditor..." droned on Darken in full gloat
"Heh, choking the life out of him wouldn't have worked, he's a bloody
hologram..." Muttered White Wolf to himself.
"eh, what's that?" Asked Darken, pausing for a second to try and notice his
captives words.
"Oh, I was just commenting to myself on how elaborate your battlements and
defensive structure work happens to be on the encampment up ahead." replied
White Wolf while gesturing with his chained paws towards the main gates of
the orc encampment which they were rapidly approaching.
"I'm glad you approve! It was nearly all I could do to get these moronic
creatures to properly build it. You wouldn't believe how much bleating their
leaders gave me over the number of population that died while constructing
the stone wall surrounding the stables and my personal quarters." growled
Darken bitterly, "Their lucky I even let them build their silly wooden
encampment next to mine. But, they make good expendable guards while I work
on breaching the last defense to the Roo's controlled EMP generator. I
hoped your arrival would coincide with it."
"You were expecting me?" asked White Wolf with a slight surprise.
"Do you not realize that I have been orchestrating nearly every one of your
moves? HA! Your stupider than some of your crewmen to which you pay such
loyalty, my dear old foe..."
"orchestrated?!? How?!?" exclaimed the huge hamster, looking at Darken with
total disbelief.
"That will have to wait until I get you inside my quarters!" replied Darken
while pulling out a black cloak and face covering hood with two eye holes,
"Put this on, I don't need anyone other than my personal guard knowing
another of their 'God' is arriving..."
"And if I refuse, you'll behead me or something like that, right?" remarked
White Wolf while holding the cloak & hood before him with distain.
"Oh don't be so dramatic! I'll just knock your block off, and throw you in
my personal dungeon, where you wouldn't get to see how I brought you to this
insipidly backward & stupid planet..." Snapped Darken before kicking his
horse into a faster canter to take his place closer to the front of the
caravan of horses.
"Ahh, Good point..." said the huge hamster before quickly putting on the
cloak and hood, as the cart rolled closer to the orc encampments main gate,
and several of the orcs standing guard outside quickly saluted Darken and
yelled in unison, "All hail our lord, the mighty Demon Darken, Destroyer of
all our enemies!" as Darken halted his horse momentarily to return their
"I see you've been fraternizing with the natives again... " remarked White
Wolf from underneath his hood & cloak to Darken as the cart passed by the
dark furred hamster.
Spotting some orc children quickly gathering to sneak a peek at the latest
prisoner, White Wolf quickly quipped, "Got a little lonely and took a few of
the local women into your bed, Huh?"
Darken immediately reached over backhanded the huge hamster across the face
in fury yelling, "You keep your mouth shut! You will not speak, unless I
give you leave to do so!!!"
'Well, that certainly hit a nerve...' muttered the huge hamster quietly to
himself, while bringing up a paw to gingerly touch a rapidly swelling
bleeding lip underneath the hood, and quickly sitting down as the cart ride
got more bumpy as it trundled it's way by several of the orc huts on it's
way to the inner stone walled gate.
White Wolf glanced over the small encampment appraising it's defenses, and
placement of the buildings for future reference in case he found a chance to
escape. He immediately noted several orcs standing motionless in front of
several of the larger huts to the south and west of him.
"Those must be the standing guards for the leaders that Darken mentioned."
Thought White Wolf, "and they've already had to repair both the south and
west wood fences near each of the guard towers. Maybe somebody tried
assaulting Darkens fortification in the past."
As the cart bounced and banged it's way through the stone walled portcullis,
the huge hamster surveyed the huge stone work steps leading up opposite of
the heavy draw bridge from the citadel. Then as the cart passed the stables
on his right, the huge hamsters eyes spied a gap in the high stone work wall
on the northeastern corner of the citadel near the river, it looked like at
was purposely brought down, as if it was sapped*. Which gave even more
evidence to his theory somebody had assaulted Darkens defenses. If only he
could somehow get a message to these people, he could offer his help in
exchange for his rescue.
Then the cart slowly turned west and approached a larger building, which
Darken and several of his co-horts quickly rode up to and dismounted from
their horses.
<To Be Continued...>
Notes - *Sapping is a term depicting a common medieval form of siege in
which a strong ram is used to attack a weak point in a fortifications walls.

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