"Psst," he whispered. "It just so happens that I'm a registered priest inevery religion that's ever existed, so I can provide assistance with theterminology. For catholicism, just remember the following three statementsand say them whenever possible. Drink, feck arse and girls. If anybody wholooks like a priest asks you a question, either say yes or 'that would be anecclestial matter'. Never fails.""where the hell did you come from?!" Jay asked, getting back his breath, ..still limping however.
He and the rest of the group stopped what they were doing and gazed up at the guard above as he tunred away following a loud screaming noise from within the castle.
"What the bloody 'ell is that?" said the guard,
He jumped off the battlements into the castles grounds.
From over the wall the sounds of a battle could be heard.
"What the smeg is going on over there?" Tara said.
The drawbridge dropped pretty damn quickly and Mini=Phil came running at full steam from within the walls, holding the bra of a mediaveal dmasle above his head looking quite pleased with himself.
"EEE!"  he said to the group of Dwarfers
"What did he say?" asked Dean
"Apaarently....the head knight caught his daughter and Mini-phil in the act...."
"WHAT?" Jay, Dean and Tara said at once.
"Smeg.." said Jay, "Lets get the smeg out of here!"
the others nodded, and followed Jay back into the forest, running from certain torturous agony at the hands of the castle's  dungeon masters.
The head knight stood in the gateway of the castle, bottle of wine in hand.
"Damn...thought I had a son in law there..."
<oh god.....its awful...>
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