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"Captain please!" Jay said,"Do you really have such little faith in me as to think I'sd do something THAT immature!"
"Well.....yeah.." White Wolf replied.
Jay was genuinley hurt. "The reason Holly's encrypted is becuase when youguys were completley out of your heads becuase of the poly-majigger I was one of the only sane one's left!" Jay explained, "I ordered Holly who at the time was fairly sane because he'd had hs confusion eaten, to lock down and quarantine Blue dwarf if I was attacked, otherwise who'd know what would happen?!"
"Makes sense, I'd have done the same" White wolf said, relaxing. "Get him to remove the encryption now though"
"See theres the problem" said Jay.
"Holly, in his oh-so helpful manner, having got his confusion back, now thinks im under the influence of the polymorph, and has locked me out too...were flying blind, are locked out of all systems, and I cant even open the flight bay doors"
White Wolf slammed his head down into the table.
"But, look on the bright side captain" Jay said
"Whats that?...."
"I gave the E.V.E.1 a REALLY cool paint job!"
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Who: White Wolf, Jay, Phil and probably along with 90% of the crew.Where: In Parrots.When: Just as 'captain paperwork' makes his exit!<Snip>"Much as I'd love to stay." said Dean, "I should really, well, you know." He nodded towards his Top Secret File."That's probably a good idea." said Jay, ordering a round for him and Kara, "Anyone else staying?""I'll probably go with Captain Paperwork here." said Jasmine.<end snip>White Wolf glances around the bar and says, "Hmm, since I'm Captain now I guess I better start doing some of the same stuff Seymour used to - Say Owen, Do you got any of that fancy stuff that Niples drank?""I think still have a store of it left since almost nobody else drinks it, what do you want? One of his berry Cordials?" Replies Owen as he sets out a bowl in front of White Wolf & Jay."Sure." replies the huge hamster leaning against the bar.Jay grabs a handful from the bowl, and habitually tosses some of it's contents into his mouth without looking, pausing in his munching to comment, "Hey Owen, I think your pretzels are getting a little stale.""Yeah, They taste kinda funny..." said a crewmen next to Jay, who was sampling from the bowl."Nope, there not Pretzels. The guy in supply said we're all outta pretzels, peanuts and other finger foods. And since customers don't like drinking that much without something free to munch on, I decided to take that bloke Grabby, up on his offer for a cheap substitute..." calls back Owen.Jay looks down at the bowl and asks, "Ok, so what are these little dry green nuggets anyway?""Hey, Where'd you get those?" Says White Wolf looking down at the bowl in surprise."Their hamster kibble. Grabby said he simply got them from among the unused supplies." answers Owen.The crewmen next to Jay suddenly stopped munching opening his mouth, and quickly brushing the crumbs off his tongue into a handy napkin. "Stole from my private store of kibble is more like it!!!" Exclaimed the outraged hamster, "Nicking useful stuff from the JMC stores is one thing, but nicking a hamster's food is getting really low..."The hamster turned to Phil who was in midswig and demanded, "How long has this sort of thing been going on?!?"Phil paused, thinking that the hamster wasn't going to like the answer, and noted the hamster would probably like it even less to find out that he'd lied to him, so truthfully replied, "For quite some time - ever since our supplies starting running out. Which, I think was about just after we left New Ibiza. We had to leave so quickly that we didn't get any fuel, or our usual supplies...""Why didn't someone tell me we were running low on fuel?" Demanded the hamster."I think Zodar did - remember his report about how engineering was powering the ship using someone's knickers?" Prompted Jay."Oh yeah, I do remember reading that - I thought he was just joking... Alright then, let's set a course for the nearest space station to refuel & resupply the dwarf." Ordered the hamster."Can't." replied Phil while taking another swig from his drink."Well, Why Not? Is our feul too low to make it to the nearest station? If so, I'll just have one of our pilots hop into a star bug and make a feul run no matter what Cerebrum says. The survival of the dwarf takes priority!" Replies the hamster."Well there's that, and the fact that Holly's got us all under encryption lock down, Courtesy of Jay." said Phil downing the last of his drink and letting out a satisfied burp."WHAT?!?" Exclaimed the gobsmacked hamster turning back toward his top pilot, "Jay, this isn't some scheme of yours for getting even with Cerebrum for grounding all the pilots is it?"<Tag!>JMC's  best....brightest....the most number one resource in all things Blue Dwarf related,Take the Blue Dwarf Quiz now!To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:JMC_Blue_Dwarf-unsubscribe@egroups.comYour use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

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