At least, that was the plan. Keto somewhat underestimated the
weight of the materials that Trisees had used to construct the robot,
resulting in him colliding with it and, instead of lifting it up,
doing a 270 degree flip about his own shoulders and landing on his
back on the metal corridor floor with a loud clang.
There was another long pause.
"Ow," murmured Keto, to break the silence.
Tara glared at Keto then the brainbot and decided to get straight to the point.
"Who. Are. You." She said gripping his tie. Keto gulped.
"I'm Dr Keto" He said for once being scared of Tara not vice versa.
"No. He's Charlie. You are not. Who are you?" Tara's watch beeped. "Aww Crap. I'll deal with you later." She said to Keto "And you can stay put in the medi-bay" She said to the brain.
-- 10 mnis later -- In a fancy resurant....--
Phil skidded into the resurant...."Is Tara here yet?"
Tara dashed into the restaurant and collided with Phil sending the two of them flying into the buffet cart. She got up dazed and noticed the facs of the angry waiters.
"Urm Phil......" She said pointing to them...<Tag> OOC- I have writers block... but you can't tell much...

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