fallin pilots and injured nurses JP 'twain Tara and Jay

Who: Tara, Jay
Where: Places
When: Who knows
Thats what Jay wanted to know, why out of Jasmine, White Wolf Dean and himself he'd been the one who'd ended up crawling through vents to try and get to the drive room, and regain control of Holly.
Oh yeah..
White Wolfs the captain, Jasmine was a nurse and so was needed in case of emergency and Dean was a muppet.
Fair enough, he dragged himself along, unsure of the layout of the ship from inside the vents..............
"Phil honey... RUN!" Yelled Tara. The waiters darted after them. Tara went left and Phil went right. Tara could hear Phil shouting
"It's an offence to kill the head of Security you know!"...........
Jay continued along the vents, paying no heed to the muffled sounds of the commotion below. He came to a t-junction, "Left...or right.." he muttered, glancing at the schematic he was using as a map.
"Be pretty embarrassing in the chief navigation officer got lost in his own ship.."  he muttered, and took the left tunnel..............
Tara continued to leg it down the corridors as one by one the waiters that were chasing her either gave up or passed out. Tara slowed to a walk and looked to see if any more wiaters were after her...........
"For smegs sake doesnt anyone clean in here?" Jay mumbled, brushing off layers off dust from his uniform. He shuffled forward an inch. "WOAH...B*****KS!" he screamed, as the vent gave way and he fell through into the corridor below.
Tara looked up at the talking vent and was hit full in the face by Jay.
"Jay!" Tara wailed, holding a bleeding nose "You could have killed me!"
"huh" Jay grunted, as confused a lemming without a cliff. "Tara?.."
 "No the bloody tooth fairy! What the hell were you doing?"
"Trying to get to the drive room..Hollys gone nuts"
Tara raised an eyebrow in concern.
"Jay are you ok? I mean did you hit your head Holly's always been nuts"
"Well..yeah, but now he's super nuts, locked us out compleltey and quarantined the ship"
Jay noticed the sign on the wall. LEVEL 65 "I've gone the wrong way havent I?"
"The CNO lost on his own ship" Tara laughed
"no..." Jay said "I know EXACTLY where we are...I just dont normally do it through the vents!"
Tara laughed again.
"Sure Jay. Whatever you say. Just wait untill Dean finds out."
"Oh believe me, I got enough material on him to overshadow what youve got!" he said smirking "Did you know he was wearing a dress earlier?..and showing off 'lil' Thomas' to the world?"
"Too much information." Tara cringed. "Oh and by the way Charlie is onboard" Jay looked confused.
"Charles Keto..... So I mean watch out for Keto because it's not Keto.. You follow?"
"No" said Jay bluntly. "But how bout helpin me wrestle conrtol back from the senile CPU
"If I get to bash some stuff then yea sure"
"seven shades of shit out of Holly's security systems sound good?"
Tara grinned.
"Mass destruction rules ok"
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