Who: Keto, Brain
Where: In a random corridor
When: Just after Tara sped off
> "No. He's Charlie. You are not. Who are you?" Tara's watch
> beeped. "Aww Crap. I'll deal with you later," she said to Keto.
> "And you can stay put in the medi-bay," she said to the brain.
The pair of them watched as Tara ran off, neither saying a word
until she was out of sight. Then, as the brain began to roll off,
Keto broke the silence.
"And where do you think you're going?"
"I'm heading to the medibay," said the brain cheerfully, "Like she
"Then you're heading the wrong way," lied Keto, stepping back and
gesturing in the opposite direction, "The medibay's THIS way."
"Trust me."
"Oh. Okay," said the brain, with the equivalent of a shrug, and
rolled after Keto, who strategically stepped next to the wall to hide
the "Waste Disposal This Way" sign.
"I'm Charles Keto, by the way," said the brain. Keto made no
reply. "What's yours?" it persisted.
"Fronzel Neekburm," growled Keto. The brain didn't appear to
notice the sarcasm.
"Really? That's an...interesting name. I thought I heard Tara
call you Ch..."
"You must be mistaken," replied Keto coldly, walking onwards.
"I guess so," shrugged the brain again, "I'm sure this whole thing
is just one big mistake. Heh, I guess I'm causing quite a bit of
trouble. Sorry about it all."
"Oh, don't worry," smiled Keto with everything except his
eyes, "I'm sure all the trouble will be solved soon."
After all, he mused as he held open the door to the waste disposal
bay for the little robot, the time for playing about with memory-
reducing medicinal drugs was past.
That robot was too much of a threat to continue to exist.
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